Saturday, June 02, 2007

Great Advice from the Greats

From USA Today, some friendly advice from CEOs. The advice was slanted toward
new college graduates, but like so many things, I think their words also work
for writers:

From Brenda Barnes, CEO of Sara Lee: Find something that you have a great
passion for, as that will make you happy. Take that passion, give it your all,
and then not only will you be happy, but you'll also be successful.

From Art Collins, CEO, MEdtronic: If you know what your passion is, follow it;
if you don't keep searching. . . Work hard, push your limits, never stop
learning, and always remember to have some fun along the way. Careers and lives
are made one building block at a time, from the foundation up.

Dan Amos, CEO Aflac: I tell graduates to find their treasure. By treasure, I'm
not talking about money or material possessions. I'm talking about something in
life that they're passionate about and pursue it. That's the key to true

R. Donahue Peeples, author and real estate developer: The most important word is
perseverance. Most people give up before achieving their goals, often right
before the finish line. You must be in the arena to compete.

Steve Odland: CEO Office Depot: Always do the right thing. You know what it is.
Don't just pick a career at which you're good. Pursue something that comes
intuitively for you and that you love instinctively. Success will follow. If
everyone's doing it, don't. Popularity wanes. Fame and fortunate are fleeting.
Reputation remains. How you treat others defines who you are.

David Kong, CEO, Best Western: Life seems unfair at times, but it's important to
stay true to one's beliefs. . . Be patient and build a solid foundation.
Sometimes it's difficult to see people who don't work as hard or are less
talented get ahead. Some people are luckier in some things than others. It's OK.
In the end, hard work and dedication always pays handsome dividends.

You know, I've tended to have negative views about CEO's, but these quotes have changed my mind. May we all find our passion, work hard at it, and succeed!

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