Friday, July 07, 2006

How To Get Anything You Want In Life

Having confidence and a purpose are important traits of those who've become truly successful. But confidence and purpose will get you nowhere without this other critical ingredient...


Others are quick to notice when you really invest in the things you're involved in doing or promoting.

I'm sure you've confidence in your ability to tie your own shoelaces, haven't you?
But that's no great feat because it's easy once you know how.

No, what sets successful people apart is how difficult something is to do.
And how commited they are to achieving it.

Visible commitment is a powerful trait of the truly charismatic person. That's why people with charisma are so successful.

They achieve their goals!

Overcoming obstacles, continuing in the face of adversity, even failing a time or two and never giving up, will only enhance your image, your essense and your charisma...

And not just saying you're committed.

Anyone can say they're wholly committed to something.

Instead, the most powerful method of displaying commitment is actually displaying it!

Showing, by your actions, you're committed to achieving your goals. If you want others to believe you're invested in achieving your goals, be committed.

Face the difficulties squarely.

Rebound from setbacks with an even stronger determination.

Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off.

Get right back in the game.

Do not accept that failure is an option. EVER!

Decide your journey will not end until you've reached your goal.

The world may love a winner, but it never forgets the ones who refused
to give up.

So don't give in, put in!

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