Friday, June 19, 2009


Self doubt.

Self doubt.

A thief.

One of the greatest thieves of our hopes, our attitudes,
and our desires.

For many years the claws of self doubt held me in its
grips. Tightly.

My belief in myself was low and it affected many parts of
my life.

No good. Not at all.

We know lack of self confidence, lack of belief in oneself
halts all major achievement in one’s life. It can stop our
progress in a split second.

We must put an end to this. Am I right or really right?



If we look back, hundreds of years, and even more in
success literature, we see a common and central principle
being taught.

It’s as clear as a clean window.

It’s the answer to self doubt. It’s the answer to expanding
ourselves. Greatly.

Belief. Faith. Expectation.

Belief. Faith. Expectation.

You and I can’t rise higher than our beliefs. Understand


Let me share with you an excerpt from a recent article I
read about Tiger Woods because it shows the power of this

“Way back in 1997, after he won the Masters by 12 strokes,
I asked Tiger if it was possible to win golf’s Grand Slam.
At the time, Hogan’s triple in 1953 — when he played in
only three of the four majors — was the best any man had
done, a feat matched by Woods in 2000. Most any player
would deflect the question. Not Tiger.

“It’s possible to win four tournaments in a season,” Woods
told me. “You just have to win the right four.” And then he
let loose that devastating smile. Here is what Woods knows.
This is what drives him. This is what Pops Earl made sure
Tiger understood: What you achieve is limited by what you
believe you can achieve. Woods believes in the

Enough is enough. It’s time to really take your life to the
next level.

Are you in?

Seriously, is now your time to stretch yourself and really
expand yourself?

Are you in?

You’re reading this right now. You’re more powerful then
you know. You are.

Your best days are ahead of you and can’t wait to see you

Start believing and excepting more good things to enter
your life. Watch your self doubt start to diminish and your
self respect and belief start to rise.

Smile 1% more each day and watch your self
doubt decrease by over 20%. Try it.

posted by Rachelle
at 10:43 AM