Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Sword Review

Sword Review is a speculative fiction magazine targeted to adult readers aged 14 and up. It seeks and showcases thought-provoking sci-fi/fantasy stories, essays and poetry (including occasional reviews) that entertain, uplift, enlighten and expand the reader's mind. It started as an online magazine a.k.a. webzine and has evolved into a print magazine after the turn of 2006. The print magazine at this time includes only fiction, poetry, and illustrations. Have a look around the magazine by clicking the image below:

The Sword Review

Submission Guidelines:

For sci-fi/fantasy writers looking for a new market, the submission guidelines can be found at:

The Sword Review is very well stocked with fiction as of the moment but they are still looking for illustrations and poetry.


Currently, they pay 1/2 cent per word up to $25.00 ($5.00 minimum) for one-time electronic rights and if the work appears in print, the author receives one free contributor copy, as well.


The magazine asks for the following rights from contributors whose work has been accepted for publication.


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