Thursday, May 31, 2007

Surprise In The Mail

As wonderful as it is to giveaway things monthly, there's nothing quite as exciting as opening a sealed envelope and/or unboxing a parcel and finding love. Today, the postmaster's assistant gave me a ring to inform me that the box they'd set aside for my mails/packages was already filled to the brim (FYI: The postmaster had to bring a box to their office to contain my mails because he said, "Your mails just keep coming..everyday!")

I went back home to work on my template design without having time to open them, so I spent the afternoon wondering what was inside. Believe me, I was waiting for 5 pm impatiently. As soon as the clock hit 5 pm, I opened the small boxes impatiently. I have to say that I love this moment when a surprise arrives and that I don’t have any clue about it. I like to try to guess what surprise lies within the enclosed package.

So I opened the box and discovered these:

Oh, aren't they lovely?

posted by Rachelle
at 1:02 PM