Monday, April 30, 2007

Writer Tips 101: Synopsis Checklist


1. Know your characters, their goals, what motivates their actions over the course of the story. Select several precise adjectives that describe the hero and heroine.
2. Know the opening scene—something that immediately puts the two characters into conflict. It starts the action in a ramatic or humorous way and sets the tone for the book.
3. Know the setting of your story. You will need several "teasing" adjectives to "hook" the editor. Editors are always looking for unusual locations for books.
4. List ideas for scenes. These can be detailed or very brief. Through trial and error, arrange these scenes in a tentative chronological order.


5. Opening paragraph: It should set the tone for your story and introduce the main characters and their conflict. Your interesting location can be mentioned here also.
6. Second paragraph: Description of heroine, her past (briefly), her goals, motivations and problems.
7. Third paragraph: Same as #6 for hero.
8. Plot summary, using:

a) Incident
b) Character's reaction to it
c) Decision: what character decides to do about it

9. Make sure you have a CRISIS, BLACK MOMENT, and RESOLUTION. Spend extra time on the resolution, wrapping up the story ends and resolve the conflicts with each character learning something that will allow him/her to find love and happiness.


10. Shape this into a smooth, logical, beautifully written text. Cut the unnecessary descriptions. Highlight "feeling" words to determine enough character reaction to
the events that surround them. Separate into chapters (for your own information).
11. Print out a clean copy.
12. Celebrate—you have something to sell!!

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