Sunday, April 29, 2007

5 Easy Things You Can Do to Promote Your Book Today

It's spring again and that means book season. Many publishers pick spring as the ideal book launching time. It's not quite as busy as fall's book season, but it's not far behind. If you're launching your book this spring, or if you're looking to add some punch to your book promotion campaign, here are some tips from Ink Tree Ltd. that might just help you through your book marketing.

1. Write a new news release. You should never rely on just one news release to promote your book. You should have at least two or three at any given time. You need one release to promote your book to book reviewers and another to promote it to the mainstream media. Get creative. Tap into current events and make your book relevant.

2. Send the news release. You should send your news release out to at least five media contacts every day. With the internet you can seek these contacts out and send the release in a matter of minutes, so there's no excuse. And don't forget to follow up.

3. Make a list of potential corporate buyers and contact them. Cross promotions are a great way to sell books. Make a list of corporate buyers that you think might be interested in your book. Send them your sell sheet and present them with some cross promotion ideas. There's no reason you can't make one of these contacts each day.

4. Pitch an author even to your local bookstore. This is not just your average book signing, this is an event. Make it different. What can you offer the customers? Can you host a talk, put on a show for kids, host a cooking demo? If you can prove to the store that you can draw customers in, they'll invite you back again and again.

5. Add a page to your website. Every time you add relevant content to your website it increases your search engine rankings and therefore makes it easier for buyers to find you. Write a quick article and post it. You can use content from your book as a guideline, and don't forget to always link to the sales page on your site.

These are all things you can do TODAY to give your book promotion campaign the boost it needs. What are you waiting for?



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