Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Contest Update!

I was already drawing names for the contest when I realized there were 11 people who subscribed to my blog feed/post but failed to confirm their subscription. The registered email addresses were:

I'd like to give everyone a fair chance in winning Contest 2 so if any of these addresses belong to you, please check your inbox and click on the confirmation link. If you can't find the confirmation link, feel free to subscribe again by entering your email ad at the text box located on the sidebar (upper left) of this blog and don't forget to check your inbox this time to verify that the address is correct. To give you more time to do this, I've decided to extend the three contests (it'd be unfair if I only extend Contest 2) 'til the end of this week. I will announce the contest winners on April 22 at 4:00 pm GMT. Feel free to post between today and April 22 for additional entries. So far, I already gathered 103 entries for Contest 1 and 47 new subscribers for Contest 2. Keep 'em coming!

posted by Rachelle
at 6:11 PM