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Daring Delights by Deirdre O'Dare

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Deirdre O'Dare, who also writes milder (roughly PG-13 rated) romance as Gwynn Morgan, has loved reading and writing since early childhood. Writing came naturally to Deirdre/Gwynn who scribed her first simple verse at age eight. An avid reader, she devoured hundreds of books while growing up and later as an adult. Somewhere along the way she found romance and then romance with more explicit and detailed love scenes. “Ah ha,” said she, “I think I have found my niche!” In the last decade after leaving her "day job" as a civilian employee of the U. S. Army, she finally settled into romantic fiction writing as a second career. Deirdre has a number of shorts and novellas out now, all published by Amber Heat, to include recent best sellers Doggone Love, Armed and Amorous and The Maltese Terror. Two print anthologies, Daring Dreams and Daring Delights are currently available. She has a website, and pages at Coffee Time and Books We Love (in the spice section). Her newsgroup is


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Deirdre’s Daring Delights (print anthology) follows the high tension lives of people who exist on the edge, pitting themselves against rough stock, criminals and the ceaseless thrills of intense danger. They work hard, play hard and love the hardest of all! Pickup Man, Portrait of a Cowboy, Cowboy First Aid and Cowgirl Up feature rodeo performers competing for gold buckles, high dollars and one another’s bodies and hearts. To Protect and …Seduce? and Armed and Amorous follow law enforcement officers in their pursuit of dangerous criminals and heated encounters. If you fancy lusty cowboys and bold police officers, these are for you!


Passions escalating fast, they jumped apart like guilty teenagers when Roy let himself in, loaded down with two big bags radiating delicious, spicy scents.

"I can go somewhere again," he offered, setting the bags down on top of the dressingDaring Delights by Deirdre O'Dare table counter. "I'm really not into voyeurism."

"No," Frank growled. "We all need to eat more than fool around right now. What did you get?"

"A dozen tacos, a dozen burritos and six sopapillas for dessert. Extra salsa, sour cream and honey, too. Root beer for me, iced tea for you and I took a chance and got Kerry a Coke. Is that all right?"

"That's fine. So long as it isn't the caffeine-free kind." Kerry lusted for caffeine, wanted it almost as badly as she needed Frank right now.

"Do they actually make decaf Coke?" Frank framed the question in mock surprise.

Kerry nodded, her lip curling in disgust. "Yeah, and it sucks."

He laughed. "Typical cop--living on caffeine."

Biting back a snarky comment, Kerry took a moment to pull herself together. Moist heat burned in her pussy, her breasts ached, and her lips were so tender they felt raw. Arousal buzzed along her nerves like a lightning-struck strand of wire. Damn, why does it have to be Frank--a felon's brother--who turns me on like a 500-watt bulb?

Roy unfolded the tops of the bags, spread out the contents and then began to divide the items into three piles. He'd grabbed a stack of napkins, which served as impromptu plates as they began to feast. For a few minutes they were too busy eating to talk.

It started out innocently enough. Roy had dragged the chair over by the counter since Frank sat on the foot of one bed and Kerry on the other. Roy tossed Frank another burrito. Somehow the wrapper came undone and it squirted filling when Frank caught it, beans and shredded beef spraying out in every direction. He grabbed a sticky gob and flung it back at Roy . Not to be out-done, Roy pitched another burrito in Kerry's direction before he took the remaining part of the one he'd been eating and threw it back at Frank.

For the next few minutes a full-fledged food raged. Before it was over, each of them was splattered with refritos, cheese and saucy meat. By then they all laughed almost hysterically, a kind of delayed reaction to the tension of the last twenty-four hours.

"This was pretty damn stupid," Frank said, after they all stopped for breath, looking at the mess they'd made. The motel room wouldn't be in much worse shape than they'd found it, but their clothes were a disaster. Hair, hands and faces all bore burrito residue. "We didn't bring any extra clothes and going back to get some would ruin the whole plan."

"If we wash things right now, they should be dry by morning," Kerry offered. "We'll all be semi-undressed, but what the hell? At least we can go out in the morning looking halfway presentable."

She felt giddy and silly, as if she'd drunk a pint of whiskey instead of just a super-size Coke--with caffeine. The last twenty-four hours had an unreal quality, like an insane dream triggered by fever. What she did here didn't count, wasn't real. She stood and began to strip, taking her own sweet time and adding a few bumps and grinds just for fun as she peeled off the sweatshirt and jeans. Her underwear wasn't obviously grubby, but she'd worn the panties and bra longer now than she usually did. Might as well take them off, too.

Frank watched her with avid attention, his eyes bright and hungry. Roy looked on, a mixture of amusement and dismay on his face. When she reached for the clasp of her bra, Frank stood and began to strip as well. Not to be left out, Roy rose, too, stepped out of his jeans, then yanked his T-shirt off.

All three crowded into the bath once they'd undressed. Kerry ran the tub half full and unwrapped the microscopic bars of soap, all three of them. They scraped as much of the food off as they could and threw that in the commode before they dunked garment after garment into the hot water, shirts first and then jeans. Frank went back to get hangars from the closet niche and carefully hung up each piece of clothing as Kerry finished washing and then rinsed them. The impromptu laundry job was far from perfect, but they wouldn't look like walking ads for Taco Bell in the morning.

"Now us," Kerry said. Giggling a little, she drained the tub and then turned on the shower. There wasn't a lot of soap left and no shampoo, but she had to get some of the goop out of her hair. Her scalp had started to itch as the beans and salsa dried.

Frank followed her into the shower, which was barely big enough for two, but somehow Roy also crowded in. They washed one another, scrubbing until skin glowed and hair squeaked. Gradually the strokes grew more languid, more caressing than scouring.

Pinned between the two men, Kerry lifted her face to Frank's kisses, feeling his cock throbbing against her belly. Behind her, Roy pressed close, his cock thrusting between her buttocks as he nibbled on her shoulder. After a few minutes, either Frank or Roy had the presence of mind to turn off the water, which had started to grow cool.

Daring Delights by Deirdre O'Dare
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-975-9
Publisher: Amber Quill
Release Date: August 2007
Genre: Cowboys/Western/Action/Adventure
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