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Saved by Sam by Deirdre O'Dare

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Deirdre O'Dare, who also writes milder (roughly PG-13 rated) romance as Gwynn Morgan, has loved reading and writing since early childhood. Writing came naturally to Deirdre/Gwynn who scribed her first simple verse at age eight. An avid reader, she devoured hundreds of books while growing up and later as an adult. Somewhere along the way she found romance and then romance with more explicit and detailed love scenes. “Ah ha,” said she, “I think I have found my niche!” In the last decade after leaving her "day job" as a civilian employee of the U. S. Army, she finally settled into romantic fiction writing as a second career. Deirdre has a number of shorts and novellas out now, all published by Amber Heat, to include recent best sellers Doggone Love, Armed and Amorous and The Maltese Terror. Two print anthologies, Daring Dreams and Daring Delights are currently available. She has a website, and pages at Coffee Time and Books We Love (in the spice section). Her newsgroup is


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Saved by Sam is the third in Dierdre's best selling Canine Cupids "guys and dogs" man-love series following Doggone Love and The Maltese Terror. It is also a spin off from Armed and Amorous, a recent release in which Roy was a significant secondary character. He impressed enough readers to convince Deirdre he needed his own story!


As he struggles to get back on his feet after the horrors of service as a medic in the Middle East war, Roy Dunham tends bar in a quiet club. The sudden entrance of K-9 Officer Samson, a Belgian Malinois, and his handsome "human" partner Craig Rommel startles Roy, and the cop's attitude puts him off.

Roy's opinion soon changes, however, after Sam and Craig save him from drug-driven violence. He returns the favor by tending their gunshot wounds, and before long, Roy finds himself hoping the policeman and the dog will become permanent parts of his life.

Can Sam be the key to winning Roy's way into Craig Rommel's well-protected heart?


Roy Dunham gave a lackadaisical swipe to the shiny surface of the bar. He glanced upSaved by Sam by Deirdre O'Dare at the clock, then issued the time-honored warning. “Last call for alcohol.” It was a few minutes short of one o’clock in the morning. Most of the regular crowd had already tipped their last glass or bottle and left. A couple of die-hards were going to wait until the last minute. It had been a slow midweek night. His tips barely made the shift worthwhile. Oh well, there’ll be other nights.

He stepped out from behind the bar, starting across to turn off the flashing neon advertising sign and flip the one on the door to read “closed.” At that moment, the door swung inward. A tall impressively well-built man in the dark blue uniform of the San Pablo police department entered the bar, a sleek, tawny dog at his left, pointed muzzle even with his knee. Roy stopped in his tracks. Gawdamighty, that’s the most gorgeous hunk of manhood I ever saw.

The officer could have posed for a recruiting poster for a Viking's crew, an epitome of Nordic masculinity. He wore his sandy blond hair buzz-cut close to a well-shaped skull. Chiseled features with high cheek bones and an angular jaw set off a pair of brilliant blue eyes. Below that, broad shoulders barely fit through the bar’s front door. His body was a perfect wedge, tapering from those impressive shoulders down to lean flanks and long legs. The man’s military posture set off his uniform, well fitted navy blue shirt and trousers, glossy black leather belt, holster and other gear, and the shiny bronze badge on his chest.

“Everybody stay right where you are. My dog located drugs in a car out in the lot. The man who was heading toward it fled when he saw us. I think he came back inside.”

Roy stood his ground. “Nobody’s come in for the past half hour, Officer.” The man might look like a Teutonic god but his arrogant tone grated. “This is a quiet, orderly place. We don’t tolerate drug dealing, violence or anything but law-abiding behavior.”

The gas-flame blue eyes flickered to him and as quickly away, in clear dismissal. When the policeman barked a harsh guttural word, the dog left his side. It began to move around the room, in a zigzag pattern, dark nose twitching.

Roy stepped back a couple of paces to edge behind the bar. The dog and the cop both ignored him. After the dog sniffed and then passed the three remaining patrons, the cop gave them a nod. “Get out. It’s closing time, whether you’re done or not.”

For a moment, Roy considered raising a protest but then he decided it wouldn’t do any good. Besides, the Tavasci Brothers, who owned The Sundown Club and several other bars around San Pablo , didn’t like trouble. They wanted business to be quiet, orderly and completely within the confines of the law. Crossing a cop was not in their standard operating procedures.

Like many families on the fringes of organized crime, Phil and Emil Tavasci operated a number of legitimate businesses which they kept squeaky clean. They were good employers if you were loyal, reliable and played by their rules. Roy had known worse over the years, for sure. Knowing that, he tried to do the best job he could. He needed the work, a steady job while he got back on his feet after leaving the Navy hospital. He relied on his pay to keep a roof over his head and food on the table. It was a point of pride to support himself.

He went back to his evening clean-up routine, keeping an eye on the officer and the dog but with no particular concern. He felt sure no one had come in recently. The muffled sound from the direction of the storeroom at the rear of the bar caught him by surprise. When he wheeled to face the doorway, he found himself looking into the muzzle of a large caliber pistol, probably a .44 magnum.

Saved by Sam by Deirdre O'Dare
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-148-7
Publisher: Amber Quill
Release Date: November 4, 2007
Genre: Contemporary/Action/Adventure

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