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Lover's Brew by Dana Littlejohn



Summer is forced to go to a Valentine’s Day party with her boss. She’s reluctant because this is a day for lovers and she doesn’t have a lover and hasn’t for a long time.

At the party she meets the charming Peter Cook and he takes an instant shine to Summer leading her down a path of sensuality that she follows without thinking twice. When their time together comes to an end she worries that she’ll be fired for ducking her boss to be with Peter.

Will she be able to save her job and have Peter too when the party is all said and done?


Summer Washington never considered herself a winter person. She didn’t like anything about winter. She didn’t like what the cruel wind did to her skin and nails, didn’t like all the clothes she had to put on just to be warm and hated paying the higher electric bill and heat bill because it was darker and colder this time of the year. During the winter she hibernated, hiding in her home, only leaving to go to work and the store and waited impatiently for the spring thaw to occur.

Now, as she bundled up to brave the elements in the middle of the day she pondered on what to wear to the Valentine’s Day party her boss just decided they were going to. She really had no business at a Valentine’s Day party. That kind of thing was for lovers and she didn’t have one. Mr. Bowman had talked his way into a meeting at the party and he wanted her there in case he had to actually work.

It was one of the coldest days they’d had in weeks and he wanted her out there shopping. He was letting her off early so she could rush out, buy something and meet him downtown at the Radisson Hotel by eight.

After spending the rest of the day shopping, she made it home close to six o’clock. She hurried to make something to eat and rushed a shower. Her food was too hot to eat when she got out of the shower, so she left it on the table to cool as she did her hair and makeup. She checked her dinner again when she was done and it was too cold. She put it in the microwave to heat up and went to get dressed. She tried to eat again and it was too hot and close to seven-thirty. Frustrated and pushed for time she left it in the microwave, grabbed a slice of bread from the top of the refrigerator, stuffed it into her mouth and put her shoes on. She ate the bread as she put on her coat and rushed out the door.


At the Radisson the meet and greet went on as planned. Several companies were taking advantage of the holiday to party and meet potential clients for their businesses. Peter Cook, Gregory Thomas and Daniel Robbins were inside the overcrowded, noisy Continental Ballroom.

“I hate these dumb parties. What kind of business party has a Valentine’s Day theme?”

“Well, Greg, like most people in this town they look for any ole reason to throw a party. They wanted to have a business get together, a meet and greet to expand their possibilities make new connections. Valentine’s Day just happened to be the next holiday to come up,” Peter explained to him with a laugh on his voice.

“Well, I don’t mind at all. I brought my wife and we’re having a good time and I get to take care of business, too,” Daniel said waving to his wife who was across the room.

Peter patted his back and chuckled. “Well, it hasn’t been that bad of a Valentine’s Day for me, either. I like the idea that someone has put to the side one day out of the year to remind us to take time out and spend some time with our sweethearts, but we know you don’t have that issue, huh, Daniel? Valentine’s Day can only get better once you hook up with someone you love, and we all hope to be as happy as you and your wife are some day.”

Greg sputtered. “Speak for yourself.”

Peter and Daniel laughed at their friend and clicked their glasses together. As he took a sip of his drink, Peter spied across the room someone he suspected was a woman dressed almost like an Eskimo at the door peeking inside. His curiosity was peeked and he watched her emerge from her coverings. First her gloves came off showing her dainty soft looking hands. Next she unraveled the scarf from her head and neck exposing her lovely face. Her sensual, full burgundy lips stood out from her tanned skin tone calling to him.

His glass stopped halfway to his mouth when he tried to take another sip of his drink and his conversation ended with his friends as he continued to watch the woman unwrap herself like the Christmas present he wish he’d gotten. Their voices seemed to fade into the back drop as he focused in on her. He watched as she slowly undid each of the buttons on her long brown coat and revealed to him her curvaceous body seductively placed in a long black dress that was trimmed in gold.

He smiled as her movement to hang her coat over her arm showed him just a peek of her slender leg through the split on the side of her dress. She was a feast for his eyes. Never had he seen such a beautiful woman. She was definitely a gift and he enjoyed watching her unwrap herself for him. He took the rest of his drink in one quick gulp, put his glass down and left his friends without another word.

She handed the woman her coat and took the claim number from her putting it in her purse. “Thank you.”


Summer turned to the voice at her back. “Hello.”

Peter smiled and extended his hand. “I’m Peter.”

“Hello, Peter. I’m Summer,” she said and walked away.

“Wait, that’s a beautiful name, Summer. Can I walk with you? Are you here with someone?”

“Yes, I guess you could say that. I’m looking for someone.”

“A boyfriend, a husband...?”

She stopped walking and gave him a sharp look.

He laughed and held his hands up in surrender. “I’m sorry, you’re absolutely right. That was digging way too much into your business.”

She nodded and continued to look around.

“So, Summer, can I get a minute of your time? Maybe get you something to eat or a drink perhaps?”

She stopped again and looked him over. “Peter, are you trying to hit on me?” she asked with a laugh on her voice.

He nodded and laughed. “Guilty. Guilty as charged. I just, well, I saw you at the door and I just had to meet you. You’re the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I had to take a chance.”


4 Kisses: "Dana Littlejohn creates the perfect Valentine theme short story that was not too hot nor too cold but a wonderful blend of excitement mixed with hot sex and the type of happy-ever-after that only exists in our fantasies. Readers will love Ms. Littlejohn’s sense of humor and her passion for the naughty. Lover's Brew definitely kept me warm!"
-- Alisha,

Lover's Brew by Dana Littlejohn
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Artist: Yvette A. Lynn
Book Length: Short Story
$2.50 from Amira Press

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Dana Littlejohn was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, but she has called Indianapolis, In. her home for over 10 years. Since childhood she loved to write and it showed in contest winning poetry and writing short stories to entertain her friends. To date she has published three full length romance novels, three novellas and four short stories and will participate in two anthologies. Stop by her website’s and see what’s happening next with her.

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