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The Duke's Handmaid by Caprice Hokstad


Caprice HokstadCaprice Hokstad was born in San Diego, California. She attended Baylor University in Waco, Texas. She currently lives in Southern California, sharing a mobile home with her husband, four children, three pet rats, a leopard gecko, three cats, and a dog. Caprice home-schools two of her children and sews wedding gowns and Renaissance costumes in her spare time.

Caprice talks about her writing:

As a child, I enjoyed fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. When I started reading for myself, I loved classics like the Chronicles of Narnia. But when I grew up, the fantasy I found was't anything like the kind of fantasy I loved. While Middle Earth was fascinating, I was more interested in people than battles, languages, and surroundings. Modern fantasy was too often of the "sword and sorcery" type, or it contained far too much gratuitous sex and foul language for my taste. And the women protagonists were usually warriors. Why must a woman wield a sword to be worthy of interest?

When I couldn't find the kind of story I wanted to read, I wrote my own: The Duke's Handmaid. Yes, there's a whole new world to explore: Byntar has twin suns and twin moons and two sentient races. But the world is just background to the story, which is really about the characters. The heroine is a peasant girl who never touches a weapon, yet saves the life of the king, queen, and duke through her bravery. There's also a hero, but my "Prince Charming" married the wicked stepmother before he ever met his "Cinderella".

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The Duke's Handmaid (2002) is a fantasy novel full of adventure, mystery, and even a little romance, but without the gratuitous sex, foul language, and endless violence.

Keedrina is a young peasant girl who lives on the outskirts of a prosperous seaport town. After marauders kill her family and burn her farmhouse, she meets Duke Vahn, who champions her cause, apprehending the outlaws and meting out justice. Orphaned and homeless, Keedrina envies the slaves who live in fine homes with luxuries she has never had. The duke offers Keedrina a position as his indentured servant. With very little left to live on, and intrigued with the handsome young noble, Keedrina accepts. Can the simple farmgirl find a family among the refined servants in the duke's house? Not if the prejudiced and conniving duchess has her way!

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I’ve read several self-published books, including one by Piers Anthony, and Caprice Hokstad’s was the most professional that I have ever come across. I’m surprised... that it wasn’t published by Tor. I was impressed by the quality of writing and of the editing. With The Duke’s Handmaid, Caprice Hokstad just raised the standard of self-publishing to a new level.
-- Tara Neilson

I started reading The Duke’s Handmaid and could not put it down. I honestly cannot remember the last time I was so riveted with a book. I love the way you made the reader truly care about the characters. I fell in love with Kee from the beginning and then Vahn. The whole time I was reading the book, I felt totally swept away--living in a different time and place. It felt like an escape.
-- Kim Collazo

I know you don’t know me, but I bought The Duke’s Handmaid a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed it. You are an excellent author. I think the comparisons with C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien are justified.
-- Philana Crouch

The Duke's Handmaid by Caprice Hokstad is also available in eBook, paperback, and hardback. To purchase, just click HERE!

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