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Zorro Who? by Dana Littlejohn


Dana Littlejohn was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, but she has called Indianapolis, In. her home for over 10 years. Since childhood she loved to write and it showed in contest winning poetry and writing short stories to entertain her friends. To date she has published three full length romance novels, three novellas and four short stories and will participate in two anthologies. Stop by her website’s and see what’s happening next with her.



Just when you think you’re going to spend the evening with your number one dream guy, your boyfriend comes over and changes your plans. That’s when your number one moves to the number two spot and takes one for the team.

(Excerpt contains mature content.)

Now, Ronni, you know that it doesn’t take long for the combination of music, drink and atmosphere to take hold of me.”

“Girl, please, who are you talking to? The rubbing on your booty was enough for you to drag that man down the hall to your room. All the rest of that stuff was fringe benefits,” she said with a laugh.

“You gonna let me tell my story or are you gonna talk crazy?”

Ronni continued laughing and held her hands up in surrender.

Cathy let a few giggles slip. “Thank you. Anyway…he refilled my glass twice while he brushed my hair dry. I love it when he does that. I feel like Lady Godiva or somebody like that. Then he laid me back when he was done and dipped another strawberry and traced my lips with it.”



“Open your mouth.”

He dropped the strawberry in my mouth and sucked the chocolate off my lips.


“I can’t see your nipples through your shirt anymore. It’s starting to dry.”

“Guess what he did then, girl,” Cathy said picking up her drink.

Ronni took one of her nachos. “What did he do?”

“With that off handed statement, he poured his wine across my chest... his cold ass glass of wine.”

Ronni beat the table laughing.

“Yeah, again, funny now, but I wanted to strangle him then.”


“Derrick! What are you--”

“They were starting to dry off. If it does that I won’t be able to see your nipples.” He said again in an attempt to make her understand. “Don’t worry, I won’t waste the wine.” He smiled and sucked the wine off each breast through the shirt.

“That was good, but I bet you’d really taste good dipped in chocolate sauce.”


Don’t you enjoy fantasying about your dream man? Cathy met her long time friend, Ronni, for drinks to discuss her Halloween experience. Cathy had planned to spend the evening doing some self-pampering, eating popcorn and watching a movie. However, she was surprised by an unexpected visit from Derrick. Could he be her Zorro?

Zorro Who? is a quick read with strong sensual content. Littlejohn’s debut ebook is a first-rate value and dazzling start for a rising star. Hopefully, her next novella is longer and more in depth then the first.

-- M. Bruner (Deltareviewer), 2005 Marguerite Reviewer of the Year
Reviewing for Real Page Turners

Zorro Who? by Dana Littlejohn
Length: Novella
Rating: Tidal Wave
$1.79 from Ocean's Mist Press

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