Thursday, June 07, 2007

23rd Birthday Extravaganza

June is the month for celebrations. It's when nature is bursting from its seams and the roses bloom and vibrant coloured poppies decorate the countryside. It's the best time for viewing planets on a romantic evening since Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will all be visible in the Western evening sky. It's also the time when mammals (including humans) and sea-dependant wildlife are actively looking for a mate or have found suitable mates and are perpetuating their species or creating their vows in a ceremony called a wedding. It's also the time of year with the longest nights and shortest days, with June 21 being the longest day and officially the first day of summer and the night of June 24 being the shortest night of the year. And most of all, June is when we celebrate Father's Day to honor our fathers with thoughtful sentiment for all they have done for us throughout our childhood and beyond. Whatever you're celebrating this month, whether you’re having the time of your life or not, I'm going to make your last 23 days of June a blast! The Southern hemisphere Winter Solstice is on the way and on the same day is my birthday, June 22. I'm so pleased to announce that I'm finally turning 23 this month! Wohooo!

And to celebrate this momentous occasion, and since it'd probably be my last year of being celibate, I have decided to hold a
with a


the entire month of June! Each day for the next 23 days starting June 8, I'll be giving away not one but 2 books every single day to lucky commenters of my posts! So that's like 46 books in just 23 days! (my version of the 12 days of Christmas, just way better!) Celebrating with me are authors from various genre and cultures who graciously offered one of their books for the everyday prizes. Many thanks to:

Veronica Arch
Danielle Bronson
Samantha Gentry
CJ England
Sloane Taylor
Brenda Williamson
Stacy Dawn
Ashlyn Chase
Barbara Clark
Beth Wylde
Chris Grover
Dana Littlejohn
Erica DeQuaya
Deirdre O'dare
J.J. Massa
Melodee Aaron
Midnyte Dupree
Paige Tyler
Jasmine Genet
Sherry James
Tuesday Morrigan
Bradley James Simpson
Selah March

But that's not all, every week, for 3 weeks, there will be 2 winners of paperback books straight from the publisher (one of which is signed by the author herself). Six winners will receive a free copy of one of the following:

Fair Game
by Carol Cox

Crime & Clutter
by Cyndy Salzmann

by Kim Vogel Sawyer

Veil of Fire
by Marlo Schalesky

Gone with the Groom
by Janice A. Thompson

Sin Street
by Selah March


What do you have to do to enter? Glad you asked. I'll keep it simple and easy. Just visit from June 8-30 and comment on the posts. Once you comment, you're automatically eligible to win the ebook for that day and the paperback prize for that week. As a general rule since my previous contests, each comment is one entry to the contest so the more you comment, the more chances you have of winning the prize/s. Weekly winners will be selected from all the comments of the week, regardless if the name picked already won a prize.


Here's how the drawing works: I utilize an online custom random generator found at to generate the winning number. Then I go to the List Randomizer at and paste the contest entries/names (your name appears as many times as you commented) gathered as comments on my blog. Clicking "Randomize" will re-arrange the names in a numbered list. The name that corresponds the winning number generated is the winner.


Winners will be announced on the following dates:

June 12 at 11:59 pm - winners of June 8, 9, 10, and 11
June 15 at 11:59 pm - winners of June 12, 13, 14, 15 and 2 paperback winners
June 19 at 11:59 pm - winners of June 16, 17, 18 and 19
June 23 at 11:59 pm - winners of June 20, 21, 22, 23 and 2 paperback winners
June 27 at 11:59 pm - winners of June 24, 25, 26 and 27
July 01 at 11:59 pm - winners of June 28, 29, 30 and 2 paperback winners

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