Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Ficus Factor

A story on the front of Yahoo caught my attention this morning... Is
your home set up for romance?

Interesting question. Is it possible to set up a home for romance or
is that just a bunch of talk? After reading the article I realized
that it is indeed possible... and easier than you'd think.

I've noticed I do feel better when there isn't clutter about... and
when there's nothing lurking under my bed. One part of me mourns all
that storage space going to waste... but there is a small burden
lifted when there's nothing under the bed. Maybe I'm just weird.

In any case, V-day is around the corner. Perhaps a few adjustments to
your home will help you find a special someone, enjoy the holiday with
your SOS, or rekindle the romance. :) And if all else fails, clear
off the comfy chair and read a good romance novel.

Here's the article: http://cataurl. com/CPBLy

What do you think? Do you have any pairs in your bedroom?

posted by Rachelle
at 11:12 AM