Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #6

What Most People Don't Know about ME

1. I'm a fourth generation Chinese-Filipino.
2. I always wake up at 10:30 am no matter how early I sleep the night before.
3. I sleep with 7 pillows and a bolster. (Makes you wonder how I fit well with my built and still sleep soundly at night.)
4. I only sleep after an hour or two in bed. (I can lie still without moving a muscle for long, with my thoughts running wild and... Who knows, the next technology revolution may be just round the corner!)
5. I shower with the lights off.
6. I never eat on time. I always eat 2-3 hours late.
7. I have a cyst on my forehead (just before the hair growth). I attribute this to the times when I wake up with a start in high school and bump the wall just beside my bed (my friends in college thought I was being paranoid about this until they touched my head and said, "Hey, you DO have a lump on your head!").
8. My bestfriend and I had a bet in college on who can hook up with the most number of guys in 30 days (no se.x involved). I won the bet by 20! She had only 3 boyfriends in a month, I had 23.
9. The first thing I notice in a man is always his hair - length, wave, color, etc. and it's often their means of entry to my heart too!
10. I used to cut my hair all on my own before 2001.
11. I never go to the same restaurant twice.
12. I did a study on human sexuality in college (complete with surveys, research, random sampling, etc) for personal purposes only.
13. In my entire lifetime, I only fell in love twice (my first and 9th boyfriend).

Bonus: Ice cream (double dutch or choco mousse) is my greatest weakness! You can make me do anything for a cone of that!

That's me -- just a little bit off.

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