Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen Things I've Accomplished in 2006

1. Artistic Poets' January Poet of the Month
2. The Creative Pen's February Poet of the Month
3.'s $25 author winner for best article in March
4. New Age Incorporated's April Writer of the Month
5. WSE Self-esteem Contest Winner
6. Received a certificate of recognition from Poetry in a Cup.
7. Featured at Chaotic Dreams Online as September's Dream Weaver.
8. Interviewed by reputable magazines thrice for my poetic works.
9. Two of my stories got accepted in Health and Home and I got paid with a check worth 1010 php for each acceptance and another story made it to a Canadian Family Magazine where I got $75
10. Snagged 32 books from online contests and book giveaways (December alone)
11. Aced the Poetry Contest at for 3 consecutive months ($60 prize)
12. Won the Secret Attic Poetry Competition.
13. My poems were publihed in 15 books in 2006.

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