Friday, December 22, 2006

Congratulations! Please claim your prize.

Congratulations! Please claim your prize.

It's in today's news.

A certain Minela Dolor from Ilocos/La Union won a whopping 1 million pesos from the government's promo of "Premyo sa Resibo" but almost forfeited her prize because of her reluctance to even admit to herself that she did win. She claimed that all her life she never won anything and only heard of other "chance" winners from televisions and other media means. Add to the fact that hoaxes and scams are very rampant.

It was until a few days before the 60-day claiming period when a long distant relative of her went out of her way to convince her that she did win before she started verifying from the involved agencies and eventually claiming her prize.

It's striking resemblance to our lives is profoundly obvious.

We are all WINNERS already to begin with.
And we don't even have to buy any ticket or follow dizzying game mechanics to win it. We only need to recognize it, accept it and live it so we do not forfeit it anymore.
Isn't that wonderful?

Jesus laid His life as our wager for us to "win" the opening of the gates into Heaven.

Oh, and by the way, we should also become a "distant relative" to others and go out of our way as often as we can to inform our brothers and sisters about their prize waiting to be claimed. Remind them that all they have to do is dial Heaven's toll-free-toil-for-the-kingdom hotline.

Congratulations to all of us!

Merry Christmas to you and to your family.

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