Saturday, November 25, 2006


Maybe I'm screwed up
Or maybe just a bit confused
About what's going on inside me
That I can't seem to muse

Maybe I'm surprised
Or maybe just not used to
But I know this brewing
Has something to do with you

I can't seem to forget you
No matter how I try
And the more I attempt to
The more that I backslide

Sometimes the feeling just hurts so bad
That all I can do is sit and sigh
And when the pain just seems so much
I can't stop myself from starting to cry

I know I can't do anything
To bring back our past
But still I wish that someday
We'll be one in heart at last

Now, I have to forget you
I have to go my way
I know I must move on
And keep the past at bay

But though we part our ways
and sorely say goodbye
I will and love you still
If I must keep it belied

posted by Rachelle
at 9:13 PM