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Studs for Hire: Woman on Top by Sherry James

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Sherry JamesA native Nebraskan, Sherry James spent her youth riding and writing, and all of those hours spent in the saddle gave her plenty of time to think up a slew of stories. These days she’s a wife to an amazing husband, and the mother of two equally amazing kids. She rides when she gets the chance and can’t imagine her life without horses. A former rodeo queen, and founding member and past president of the Prairieland Romance Writers, she is also a longtime member of Romance Writers of America. She is a multi published nonfiction writer of magazine and newspaper articles, and has been a winner and finalist in many writing competitions. She has written seven romance novels and currently writes for Black Velvet Seductions and Ellora’s Cave.

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Why did you become a writer?
I have a deep love or reading and that developed into a deep love to tell stories.

Was it a dream of yours since you were younger or did the desire to write happen later in your life?
Well, I did a lot of writing as a kid, but I never thought I'd pursue writing as a career. I hated grammar in school. Ugh. Memories of grammar class still sends chills down my spine! But when I hit my early twenties, something snapped and I decided to pursue writing. I loved historical romances so much that the wonderful books I'd read inspired me to try my hand at writing them myself. Besides, I hate punching a time clock. Writing is a job I can do on my own schedule. And in my jammies, sweats, or jeans.

What do you love about being an author?
The freedom to work when I want/need to. I love to do research and travel, so it's fun to do both and then come home and write the stories. I also love the fact that there's always something new to look forward to---whether it's finishing a manuscript, seeing my new cover art, getting a great review, or the anticipation of attending a writers' conference. This business is a lot of hard work, but it's a lot of darn fun, too!

Is there anything you dislike?
The long wait between royalty checks. The uncertainty if I'll even get a royalty check. Rejection letters.

How do you balance your personal and writing time?
Balance? Hmm. Right now balance is pretty hard to find. I have two small children so I have to write in snippets here and there. But my oldest starts kindergarten this year so I have high hopes of developing a consistent writing schedule that will allow me to take nights, weekends, and holidays off and still allow me to produce three manuscripts per year. Ask me in a few months if I've been successful!

How do you write? Do your characters come to you first or the plot or the world of the story?
Most generally it's the characters for me. But once in a while I'll have this vague story idea, usually based on research that I'll develop characters who would work in that idea. For example, I've always wanted to write a story set around the Pony Express where my heroine is bound and determined to be a Pony Express rider. Well, the Pony Express only lasted for a short time in American history, and it will take a certain type of heroine who would even want to be a rider. So, those two elements will be my starting point to develop the story..

What genre(s) do you write?
I write light contemporary romances that hopefully make people laugh a little, and drool a lot! Drool over hot heroes, that is! I've also written several humorous historicals that I haven' t found a publisher for yet, and I'm working on a witchly paranormal.

Why do you write the stories that you write?
I write the type of stories I like to read.

Do you tend to base your characters on real people or are they totally from your imagination?
They are pretty much bits and pieces of real people and characters from movies.

Out of all the characters that you've written, who is your favorite and why?
Hmm. This is tough. I really like Sydnie from Studs for Hire: Woman on Top. She's a woman with a vision, and with enough guts and determination to go for what she wants. But, she's also not afraid to let the right man take the lead once in a while. Hmm. I guess that pretty much describes all of my heroines.

What would you want readers to take away from your books?
A few hours of fun entertainment!

Do you have any advice for beginning writers in regards to writing a book?
Never give up!!! I'm living proof persistence pays. If you love to write and dream of seeing your books in print one day, don't ever give up. No matter how many rejections you get. If you keep your nose to the grindstone and keep honing your craft, you'll make it. Just keep the faith and believe in yourself.

What are you reading right now?
Janet Evanovich's Lean, Mean Thirteen.

If you could be anyone or anything that you wanted, who or what would you be?
I'd love to be a witch like Samantha on the TV show Bewitched! It'd be so cool to be able to twitch my nose and poof! The house would be clean. The laundry folded and put away, not to mention the fun of flying on a broomstick!


"Woman on Top" is the first book in the "Studs for Hire" series. The third book, Studs for Hire: Woman in Charge will be released in November from Black Velvet Seductions.


He's one hot carpenter undercover . . .

Trevor Vanden Bosch is directed to go undercover at Studs for Hire as a carpenter. His mission–seduce Sydnie Riley into unknowingly giving him ideas to launch the Venus Bra for one of his ad agency’s biggest clients, Stardust Lingerie. But how can he steal her advertising ideas and win her heart, too?

. . . she's one feisty boss with something to prove . . .

Sydnie is tired of men always being the boss. After she’s cheated out of a promotion at her advertising job by her sexy nemesis and almost lover, Trevor, she decides it’s time she take charge of her life and career. She ditches her male-dominated corporate job, bands together with two college friends, and creates Studs for Hire, a contracting firm loaded with sexy carpenters, electricians and plumbers.

. . . together they'll battle each other's shenanigans and weather one little deception that could keep them from finding their happily-ever-after.


“Sydnie, your two o’clock is here,” Casey said as she entered her partner’s newly decorated office.”And whoa, is he hot! He’s just what we’ve been looking for.”

“I hope you’re right. His resume certainly is impressive,” Sydnie Riley said as she glanced over Allen Bosch’s list of carpentry skills one more time.

“To heck with his resume.” Casey sat on the edge of the antique oak desk. “All this Studs for Hire: Woman on Top by Sherry Jamesguy has to do is show up at my place in nothing but a tool belt and I’d be a satisfied customer.”

“That nice, huh?” Syd glanced up at her friend and smiled.

“Nice? Nice doesn’t begin to describe this guy. One look at him and I knew I’d found my fantasy bad boy. I wonder if he owns a Harley.”

Syd shook her head in amusement. Leave it to Casey to check the guy out in full detail in two seconds flat. “Well, show him in. We’ve got a long list of interviewees
this afternoon. I’d like to get some men hired as soon as possible. Jobs are beginning to stack up on the waiting list.”

“Did I tell you how smart you are, Syd?” Casey said as she studied her red polished fingernails.

“Yeah, about a dozen times.” Syd laughed. The two women were not only business partners, but best friends. Along with their other good friend Terri Alberry, the
three always shared their hopes, dreams, and drowned their man sorrows together in lite beer and chocolate chip cookies. Throw in an occasional gallon bucket of
strawberry swirl ice cream, and all heartaches were forgotten. At least temporarily.

It was only natural the trio would join forces when they’d all had enough of the power suit, pantyhose world that was still, in their opinions, dominated by a slew of
arrogant, egotistical, male chauvinists.

“Creating this contracting agency was ingenious. I wish I’d thought of it.” Casey flipped her long blond hair over her shoulder. “I mean, once word gets around,
not a single woman in Omaha is going to call the competition when she can have her sink unclogged, or her outlet rewired, by a handsome hunk from Studs for Hire.
We’re going to be rich.”

“Don’t start counting the George Washingtons just yet. We’ll have a lot of expenses along the way, and payroll will be the biggest.”

“Yes, I know. I am our accountant, remember?” Casey plucked a candy cinnamon stick from the jar on Sydnie’s desk. “But being surrounded by men who rival Adonis while we wait for the money to roll in is my idea of heaven. All we need now is to keep an endless supply of t-bones, wine and chocolate stocked in the fridge.”

“Sounds delicious,” Syd cooed. She rose from her chair and pulled a file from beneath Casey’s designer jean clad bottom. “But unless you show in our first choice cut-of-the-day, we’ll never be able to afford anything more than an occasional mushroom burger.”

“Say no more. I love a good steak almost as much as a night of sultry sex.” Casey hopped off the desk and sighed. “But if I can’t have the sex, by damn I’m going
to at least have the steak.”

Pathetic. That’s what this whole situation was. Three grown women settling for corn-fed Nebraska beef in lieu of steamy sex. Sydnie shook her head. Life was filled
with so many injustices.

She gathered a stack of papers from the top of her desk and turned toward the file cabinet.

Filing. She hated it. As soon as they could afford it, she’d hire an office girl for this stuff. Or better yet, an office stud. A cute, sweet guy with eyes as blue as the
heartland sky outside of the Omaha city limits would suit her fine. She’d watch for a possible candidate in the pile of applications they’d received so far.

“Hello, Syd,” a deep voice drawled.

Sydnie’s hand stilled above the long row of manila folders in the top drawer of the file cabinet. Her breath caught in her throat.

She knew that voice. Knew it all too well. But what would Trevor Vanden Bosch be doing here? Didn’t he get enough gloating in before she was practically forced to crawl away from the advertising firm over a month ago?

Rounding up her courage, she turned to face the man who’d helped rip her career dreams out from beneath her like a zero to sixty in two-point-six-seconds sports car.
He leaned against the door jamb and folded his arms across his broad chest. Standing there in a pair of jeans and a snug fitting black T-shirt, the man who’d caused
her to devour two quarts of Rocky Road in one sitting, was more handsome then ever.

“What are you doing here?” she managed to ask around a lump in her throat.

“I’m here about a job.”

“I don’t need an advertising rep, Vanden Bosch. Contrary to what you might think I’m quite capable of coming up with my own ad campaigns.” She slammed the file drawer shut. “Now if you’ll please leave, I have a two o’clock appointment waiting.”

“I’m not here about advertising, Syd.” He shoved away from the door and moved deeper into the room.

“Then what are you here for?” She arched a brow, ready to battle with this guy if necessary. “Gloating is so unbecoming. Didn’t your mother teach you that?”

“I told you. I’m here about a job. Specifically,” he said as he pulled a folded newspaper from his back pocket and pointed to a classified ad circled in bright red, “a position as a carpenter.”


"I laughed. I sighed. I wanted Trevor Vanden Bosch to come rewire MY basement. WOMAN ON TOP is a winner!"
--Julie Miller, National Readers' Choice Award-winning author.

"If you like fun, sexy romance, you'll love WOMAN ON TOP by talented new author Sherry James. I couldn't put it down!"
--Kate Donovan, award-winning author of the SPIN series from Silhouette Bombshell.

"Sherry James has an awesome read on her hands with Studs for Hire. Ms. James hooks the readers from the first page and keeps them hooked until the end. Studs for Hire has everything a reader wants and so much more. Sydnie and Trevor offset each other well, and with the fabulous twist in the story, will have readers begging for more. Ms. James has the reader laughing and crying with this emotion-packed romance. Ms. James has wowed this reviewer with the laughter and romance of Studs for Hire. This is a must have romance story. I cannot wait to see what Ms. James comes up with next."
-- Fallen Angel Reviews

Studs for Hire: Woman on Top by Sherry James
ISBN 0-9774682-7-5
Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions
Genre: Romantic Comedy
$11.99 (paperback)
$ 4.99 (ebook) from

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