Sunday, August 19, 2007

JULY Winners

So sorry for making you wait. Alright, so I'm the Queen of Procrastination. LOL! But hey, I've got myself a reason. I've been mad busy with home improvements and renovations that I haven't been able to spend much time online lately. Here's the story: I moved out from my parents' house 2 weeks ago to live in a 25 sq. m. fully airconditioned house I can proudly call my own now. :D The house is small but it's quite spacious and well laid out. It has a queen-size bed, a full bathroom and living and dining room areas. There's a small kitchen beside the dining room and the house has a small balcony too! I've been slaving over re-decorating and cramming it with furnitures! LOL . On the other hand, I was also waiting for the reply of some authors about the clarification of the prizes.

Anyway, I know you've been waiting for the winners for eons, so enough with my blab and let's get back to business. I've finally done a full tally of all the comments. This time I didn't use the number generator anymore and just randomized the list at so I can get results...and fast!

And withour further ado, I present to you the long-awaited lucky winners for my July Book-a-day Giveaway Contest.

July 2 - joan
July 3 - aromagik
July 4 - tam
July 5 - Cindy B
July 6 - Cherie J
July 7 - Desiree Lee
July 8 - ina
July 9 - sherlyn
July 10 - Lisa Avila
July 11 - foxyllady
July 12 - Becky
July 13 - toby2sma
July 14 - kimberlee
July 15 - anicz
July 16 - aussietigger1980
July 17 - Pamk
July 18 - BethRe
July 19 - lrwirum
July 20 - loney
July 21 - catslady
July 22 - Ruth C.
July 23 - blessed_blue_devil
July 24 - Crystal Adkins
July 25 - Ava Rose Johnson
July 26 - jennybrat
July 27 -
July 28 - Jude Mason
July 29 - Ironeyes
July 30 - escondita

Winners contact me at to claim your prize/s! Congratulations!

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