Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Meet the New Members of the Family

Yes, our family is growing...and we're talking 5! It now includes a bunch of hairy creatures...

Keneisha is a Black Eyed Cream Syrian. She is a solitary animal who likes to climb between the bars of her cage. Her oddity: she likes to stick out her "roman nose" as if just coming out of water to breathe. Ain't she adorable?

Scruffy is a Long-haired European Black Bear. Nothing much to say about him as he is always eating or sleeping. His oddity: he loves to nibble wood (as you can see in the picture).

Desdemona is a Black Eyed Cream Syrian like Keneisha. She likes to be petted and hangs out with the others a lot. She can be quite active for a few minutes then dozes off for hours. Her oddity: she nips when hungry or when she is disturbed from sleep.

Micha is an Albino Russian Dwarf Hamster (third from the left). He has a great personality and all he really wants to do is play and then play some more.

And lastly, we have:


Cheyenne is a black shorthaired mongrel. My brother and his girlfriend found her a few months ago alone and abandoned at Orosia Food Park's grassy lot. They picked her up and she was yet around a month or two that time. They brought her home and we nursed her back to health. Now, she's almost 7 months old under our care and very much spoiled rotten.

Her oddity: When she asks for food, she just puts her jaw gently on your lap and bats at you. Now, who would be able to resist that? So, she gets what she wants everytime...

FYI: Her name is attributed to her sweetness and gentle manners. She also likes to sleep on her back (with her limbs up in the air) and enjoys being tickled a lot. She likes to be around the male species in the room. Nobody knows why.

So there you go! The five new cuddly additions to our small family, our pets.

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