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Shifting Gears by Veronica Arch


Veronica Arch is a transplanted Canadian who now lives in upstate New York with her husband. She has Master's degree in psychology and spent quite a few years working as a research assistant until she came to her senses. Now she runs a small online business and writes.

When Veronica first started putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard as the case may be), she wrote mostly horror but when her work started to veer toward erotica, she decided to take an erotic writing class at a local literary centre. The day of the class, however, the thought of writing erotica scared her so much that she
nearly didn't attend the class. Now, she wonders how she could have felt shy about something she has come to love so much.

Over the past few years, she has published a number of horror, erotic horror and plain old erotic stories in various US, UK and Canadian publications. She is a member of the Erotic Authors Association and the Wicked Whispers Authors.

She is currently writing a new novel, an erotic paranormal romance set
in present day England.

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Candace likes to be in control of her life and her men. When Bo, a double parking Harley rider, blocks her car in, she finds out that letting go isn't such a bad thing, especially when you've got a sexy, assertive man taking the lead.

(Warning: Story contains mature content.)

After Bo stopped the bike and turned the engine off, he and Candace sat facing the water. Cricket call echoed across the water. A night bird's call pierced the air. The low lights of the village glowed over the tops of trees.

She was aware of his body in a delicious, frightening way. Her hands were still wrapped around his waist, her body still rested against his broad back. She could feel each breath he took and the beating of his heart. Though she ached to see his beautiful face, she dared not move, dared not disturb this moment. Shifting Gears by Veronica Arch

His hand covered hers. With each stroke of his finger on her skin, she felt the heat climb and climb.

He got off the bike and reached for the helmet's clasp under her chin. With his help, she removed the helmet and set it down.

When she made a move to tussle her hair - it must have been in some state by now - he shook his head.

"Don't worry. You're beautiful."

She tried to fix her hair anyway, hiding her self-conscious smile with a drop of her chin.

Staring down, trying to regain her balance, she wondered if he could see her heart crashing into her rib cage? Could he smell her need? Sense the way her body was changing the closer he moved toward her? Did he know how wet she was by the time his hip brushed her thigh?

"Candy," he said.


When she lifted her head, he took her chin into his hand and sunk his mouth onto hers.

All thought fled. Sound disappeared. The night fell away. His kiss toppled and tossed her and she didn't care if she ever stood straight or walked again.

As his hand moved to the back of her neck, she ran her hands up his arms to his shoulders and the back of his smooth neck. She didn't know when it happened, but between her reaching for him, aching for him, she was on her feet, her hands running under his shirt, over his stomach and over his hard chest. When her fingers brushed his nipple, he moaned at the back of his throat and kissed her harder.

He pushed his leg between her legs and she answered, oh, yes, she did, by lowering herself onto the hard muscle of his thigh. When she did, he rocked to her roll, his breath coming hard. Then he was pulling away leaving her shaking with desire.

Oh, God, come back.

Shifting Gears by Veronica Arch
Copyright © 2007 Veronica Arch
Genre: Contemporary
Heat Index: Erotic/Carnal
Book Length: Short
$1.99 from Forbidden Publications

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