Monday, February 19, 2007

Top 10 Reasons

All right, let's go through the Top Ten reasons people become Fiction Novelists.

10. Your brain is permanently hooked up to a word processing program.
9. Your last court appeal for community service was denied.
8. You were frightened by a rampaging keyboard at an impressionable age. [With most writers that can be any age from six months to thirty-five years.]
7. A shaman, medicine man, wizard or fairy godmother cursed you at birth.
6. Your doctor told you that your condition is serious, but there may be hope for a cure someday.
5. You tell people you're doing this until you win the lottery or can find a real job.
4. Marauding English literature commandoes captured you and forced you to write.
3. You have an extra masochistic sequence in your DNA.
2. You are part of the secret government program dedicated to corrupt the morals of your country.
1. You just can't help it.

If any one of these conditions apply to you, Gee, I'm sorry.

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