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Sushi for One? by Camy Tang

(Zondervan, September 1, 2007)


Camy Tang is a member of CFBA and is a loud Asian chick who writes loud Asian chick-lit. She grew up in Hawaii, but now lives in San Jose, California, with her engineer husband and rambunctious poi-dog. In a previous life she was a biologist researcher, but these days she is surgically attached to her computer, writing full-time. In her spare time, she is a staff worker for her church youth group, and she leads one of the worship teams for Sunday service.

Sushi for One? (Sushi Series, Book One) is her first novel. Her second, Only Uni (Sushi Series, Book Two) comes out in February 2008!

To celebrate the launch of her debut novel, she's got a huge contest going on. Camy is giving away baskets of Christian novels and an iPod Nano! Only her newsletter YahooGroup subscribers are eligible to enter, so join today.

For more information about the contest, visit her website.

Contest ends October 31, 2007!


Lex Sakai’s family, big, nosy, and marriage-minded, is ruled by a crafty grandmother. When her cousin Mariko gets married, Lex will become the OLDEST SINGLE COUSIN in the clan, a loathed position by all single female family members.

Lex has not dated for years.

Grandma homes in on this fact and demands, bribes, and threatens Lex to bring a boyfriend (not just a date) to her cousin’s wedding.

Lex does not want to date ... not since that terrible incident a few years back ... but, Grandma doesn't give her that choice.

Lex's options are slim because she has used her Bible study class on Ephesians to compile a huge list of traits for the PERFECT man (and the more she dates, the more she adds to the list).

The one man she keeps running into (and is completely attracted to) doesn’t seem to have a single quality on her list. It’s only when the always-in-control Lex loses control and lets God take over that all the pieces of this hilarious romance finally fall into place.


"Camy Tang's debut novel is a well written, funny story about an Asian girl, trying to get her life in order with a lot of dependence on faith. What is best about this book is the level of characterization Camy Tang demonstrates in her characters. Multi-layered, with deep inner conflict, goals and motivations, the reader can't help but be pulled into Lex's life, rooting for her every page of the way!"
-- Robin C. Miller, author of "Southern Stories of Sass and Suspense"

"...when I finished reading Camy Tang's Sushi for One? I found the ending so satisfying I had to dash to my computer and gush. I absolutely loved Lex Sakai and the riveting story of her emotional, physical, and spiritual adventures. Tang gives us a heroine who's the perfect combination of tough and vulnerable. Not a hint of pink about this chick; she holds her own against vampy cousins, pushy suitors, and the grandma of all grandmas. Now, if she could just remember to ask for God's help, maybe she'd learn to trust. Maybe she'd start to relax. Maybe she'd need to order sushi for two! I'd recommend this fun book to teens and up."
-- Trish Perry, author of Too Good to Be True

"Camy Tang's Sushi for One? is funny, emotional, and action-packed. Lex, volleyball junkie and coach, struggles against a manipulative grandmother, job and housing issues, injuries and nightmare dates--and a past that scarred but hasn't destroyed her. Used to standing on her own two feet, Lex learns to rely on God and less on herself and finds His plan for her life. You don't want to miss this Sushi for One?"
-- Jane Dean

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