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Lady Lillian's Guide to Amazing Sex (a novel) by Nancy Lindquist

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What does a girl do when she catches her fiancé in her bed with a hooker? Start over—this time with her eyes wide open.

Lisa Simpkins is newly single. Catching your fiancé being sodomized by a hooker can do that to a relationship. Unfortunately for Lisa, this mess put a huge kink in her carefully orchestrated life plan.
Good thing her best friend, Gina, can talk Lisa into anything, including a makeover complete with sex toys and a collection of highly erotic DVDs. Gina’s determined to bring out Lisa’s inner wild woman. Even if that wild woman comes along kicking and screaming.

Imagine Gina’s glee when they run into Matt Richards, the oh-so-hot junior partner who stars in Lisa’s torrid fantasies. The mission is clear. Get Matt to teach Lisa all about sex. Lisa’s not sure about Gina’s plan, but the man is gorgeous, smart and funny. Will Matt conquer Lisa’s fear of falling in love again or will their tryst end when Matt teaches Lisa everything he knows?


His eyes darkened again with that odd look. She was supposed to say no. That’s what the old Lisa would have done. She felt sure she’d heard herself say it, but then he rose. All six feet of hot male body unfolded from his bench, gorgeous in black pants, collarless cream sweater and black jacket. His hand reached out to help her from her bench. He smelled so good and looked yummy enough to eat.

What the hell, this was the first night of the new Lisa.

Put up or shut up.

“How can a girl resist such a beautifully worded question? I’d be delighted.” She reached in her evening purse, grabbed her keycard and began to walk to the elevator. Yep, now she was sure of it; his eyes were on her ass. Her lips curved in a sly smile.

The hum of the elevator was the only noise as they rode up to the floor Lisa’s room occupied. She felt strange, both awkward and charged with anticipation.

“You know,” Matt said. “It sort of feels like there’s a fifteen-ton elephant between us. I don’t want to push you, but would it be okay if I came in and we talked about this for a while? I won’t, if you’re not comfortable.”

Clearly the better of the two selections, between yes and no, would be the second. But wisdom, sexual frustration and Scotch rarely mixed well with her. Not that they had ever been mixed in her quite this way.

She should blame it all on Gina, laugh it off and send Mr. Wonderful on his sexy way, but something told her not to let this moment pass. To just go with it and see where it led.
“Okay, I would like that. Yes.” She nodded.

Matt led the way. She didn’t know what it was about hotel rooms, but they sure made it easy to be bad. She would never have considered this in her home, but since it was a hotel…

She sat on the edge of the king-size mattress. “Okay, have a seat and let’s talk, Matt. That is if I can get through this without dying of shame.”

He grinned wolfishly. “If you didn’t die at dinner…”

“Then I’ll probably live,” she finished for him with a smile.

He sat in the chair nearest the bed, his face suddenly serious. “Was what Gina said all true or were the two of you yanking my chain?”

She studied the carpet, in a lame attempt to find the words to put this in perspective. “No, we were not yanking your chain. It’s true, all of it. No orgasm till last night. No sex, but the missionary position and even that was a whole five minutes at its longest. And, yes, I want it to change. I’m ready for my life to change, I have to be more…” She searched for the perfect word, needed this man to know she was sincere. “I don’t know what to call it, but I can’t go through life wondering what more is out there.” She threw up her hands. “I hope that makes sense.”

“Can I ask you a personal question?” He looked deep into her eyes.

She laughed, nervous. “Sure, why the hell not? I mean what is there about my sex life you don’t know thanks to my so-called best friend.”

His lips curled briefly. “What happened between you and your fiancé? It was all over the office. You were marrying Mr. Super Successful Liquor Distributor and the next thing I know I’m sitting at a table in a bar finding out you’re newly single.”

“Oh, that.” She shrugged. “I thought you were going to ask me something hard.” Her voice filled with irony. “It’s simple. I came home, found him in bed with another woman, and listened to a tirade about how I was only good for missionary-position sex. He wasn’t interested in blowjobs from me. Which doesn’t really matter because no one else would ever really want me any other way because I was someone you took home to mother. I wasn’t good for sex. I packed his stuff and kicked him to the curb. That about covers it.”

He winced visibly. “I’m sorry, Lisa. You deserve better.”

She sucked air into her lungs and stood, wandering to the window to stare out at the lights below. His face, reflected in the glass, stared back. “Oh, come off it, Matt. A hairdo and a sexy new dress are nice and I’m glad you noticed me tonight, but you didn’t know I was alive a week ago. That’s fine, it really is. You’re just out of my league.” She finished with a shrug.

He rose to move behind her. She watched his reflection reach out and touch her shoulders. His hands were gentle, tentative, rested on her lightly, and yet the thrill rushing down her arms was palpable. His eyes met hers in the glass. “You’re wrong. I have noticed you, Lisa. You’re funny and sweet. Yes, you look dynamite tonight, any red-blooded man would notice you, but you weren’t invisible before.”
He seemed so sincere, so nice. Every woman in the office was hooked on this man. They gossiped endlessly about Matt, some speculated he was gay, because he never seemed to date much. It seemed the chitchat was untrue, because he was here in the room with her and obviously aroused. Her heart pounded. She smiled, tremulously.

“So, now what, Matt?”

“So now…” He held her shoulders a little tighter. She felt strange inside, filled with butterflies and anticipation. The feeling was odd. She’d never felt anxious with Rodney. “Do you let me take you up on Gina’s oh-so-generous offer and let me teach you how to really enjoy sex, all kinds of sex, or do we walk away from this night and go our separate ways pretending that this never happened?” His voice dropped to almost a whisper. “I think we could be good, Lisa, really good. Which do you want?”

She glanced at him, scared, but the answer, when it came, was easy. “Yes.”

“Yes what, sweetheart?” His voice was soft, low and husky. He searched her face, his lips mere inches from her shoulder. A thumb lazily traced the side of her neck.
“Yes, I want you to teach me to enjoy sex, but can we have a few ground rules?”

He lifted her hand to gently kiss her palm. She felt like her touch receptors were on overload. No thoughts formed beyond the one that told her the new panties she wore were damp.

“Okay, sweet Lisa, what do you have in mind?”


Rating: 5/5 Blue Ribbons

“Nancy Lindquist does it again! LADY LILLIAN’S GUIDE TO AMAZING SEX kept me entertained from the very first page to the last. I loved how Matt and Lisa related to each other and the easy-going sexual encounters between them. Gina is one of those friends you want to hug and strangle at the same time and she’s a character you’ll genuinely love throughout this storyline. I got a real kick out of Lisa telling her mother off. She’s allowed her mother to rule her life for far too long and getting her to step back won’t be easy. It’s great fun to read about their confrontations. This book combines pregnancy hormones (Gina’s), lust, love, sexual aids, a busybody friend, and jaw-dropping discussions. Pick up a copy of LADY LILLIAN’S GUIDE TO AMAZING SEX and you’ll find yourself immersed in a satisfying book that is unbelievably hard to put down.”
-- Romance Junkies


Nancy LiedelNancy Liedel, writing as Nancy
, is the happily married mother of four boys (no, she is not going to try for a girl!). Two adopted and two made the old fashioned way.

Nancy never does anything by half measures. She adores travel, and her favorite trips are once yearly weekends in Las Vegas and as many cruises as she can talk her husband into. Her cruise history has included the listing event on Crown Princess in 2006. This did not stop her. She booked another cruise on the Crown the moment she got home! She’s traveled to many other countries and has never had a travel experience she would not repeat.

As a writer of erotic romance, Nancy is always taking mental notes wherever she goes. Nancy loves life and attacks it with gusto, leaving her wonderful husband and number one inspiration, Gene, to follow along laughing and shaking his head in her wake.

A lover of romance since she was passed “Shana” under the table in tenth grade study hall by a friend of hers, Nancy finds the uninhibited world of Erotic Romance to be the perfect foil for her wit and naughty imagination.

Nancy loves e-mail from her readers. She blogs daily about life and travel on and writes about erotic romance at . You can send Nancy e-mail at She loves to hear from her readers.

Lady Lillian's Guide to Amazing Sex by Nancy Lindquist
ISBN: 1-59998-519-5
Genre: Red Hot! Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: June 26, 2007
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