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I Shagged the Sheriff (a novel) by Nancy Lindquist

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Daisy Mae Partridge loves her job, selling sex toys to the women of Boxer County, Florida. She also has a thing for the local sheriff, Tom Williams. He's incredibly hot, but so uptight, he practically squeaks. A shame, 'cause Daisy'd like nothing more than for the sexy babe of a lawman to get out those handcuffs that clang on his belt, clap them over her wrists and have his wicked way with her.

When she sets up a sex toy party with his own mother, Tom's had enough. A man's gotta draw the line somewhere and the liberal know-it-all just crossed it. Pulling her over on a stormy night, he arrests her for carrying a truck full of contraband pleasure devices. But what's he gonna charge her with? Carrying a concealed dildo? And what does he have to do to get the rules through that thick head of hers? Lock her up?

Fine, if that's the way she wants to play it. He's happy to play bad cop for her. Which is just a damn shame, because what he really wanted to do to the buxom little blonde had nothing to do with fingerprints and everything to do with a couple of restraints and a paddle in the privacy of his bedroom.

Publisher's Note:
This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable:.D/s, bondage, spanking .


Sunlight bounced off metal, flashing inside the house for a moment. Daisy glanced out the window and frowned. With Tree gone, she didn’t expect company. A sheriff’s car pulled up next to her pick-up. The door opened and a familiar dark head poked out. Tom. With a laugh, she stepped onto the porch and waved.

Tom Williams, her best buddy, high school crush and Boxer County’s golden boy, stepped out of the car with a heart-grabbing grin. He sure looked hot in his uniform. Since when had he become the local law? Not always Daisy’s favorite group of people. A woman who chained herself to bulldozers didn’t usually win popularity contests with cops.

“I got a call that there was a burglar at the Winter’s place. Since you live here, I guess there won’t be any arrests; not today, anyway.”

Daisy ran off the porch and launched herself into Tom’s arms. For a moment, he pulled her tight and she melted against him, smelling the woodsy cologne and sexy scent that was all Tom. Too quickly, he let her go.

Sliding to the ground, Daisy tried to hide her disappointment with a smile. What? Did you expect to be elevated to girlfriend status? Just because you’re older doesn’t mean a damn thing.

She walked to the patrol car and leaned in the open window. The switch that turned on the siren caught her eye. With a wicked laugh, she reached for the switch, about to flip it on, when strong arms grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back.

“Nice try. I know the way your mind works, Partridge. Do I have to frisk you?”

Daisy hid the sensual shiver that coursed her body with a wry grin. Better to change the subject than go down that road. It would only lead to a broken heart. Hers. “So, how’d your daddy talk you into all this?” Daisy waved her hand over the patrol car like a game show model. “I thought you were out to change the world, somewhere far, far away. This looks like the quite turnaround since we talked at Christmas.”

The slow, lazy smile started at one corner of his mouth, then lit his eyes with mischief. “Still am. This is just a summer gig. I’m headed to Tampa in the fall. I got a position in the police department. I’ll be on the force full time. In September, a beat cop; in a couple years, detective.”

“Wow, Tom, you got it. Good for you.” Daisy wanted to hug him, kiss him, jump him. He looked down at her with those incredible brown eyes and the smile dropped from his face. His Adam’s apple bobbed and he leaned towards her.

Scared, Daisy ducked under him and turned to her truck. Hauling open the tailgate of her truck, she grabbed out a box and headed to her front porch. “Well, don’t just stand there. Help me move my junk.” Turning to see his reaction, she caught clear confusion on his face. Then, he grinned back at her and hefted a pile of clothes.

“Got any bras in here, or did you burn them all at college?”

Daisy rolled her eyes. “I never owned any. Thank you very much.”

Catching up to her, he waited while she opened the door. Leering in the direction of her boobs, he waggled his brows. Daisy wiped the dust from her sneakers on his shoes with an evil grin.

“Hey, I just polished those.”

“Looks like you’re going to be at it again tonight, aren’t you?”

“I swear, I’m going to cuff you to something.”

The thought of Tom handcuffing her to anything shook her to her core. She pushed the thought from her brain. The man had no idea about the exotic reading material that hotted up her sexual fantasies and she was not about to tell him. Just quietly have some choice fantasies starring Tom Williams and his handcuffs, with some whips and chains tossed in for good measure.

She nodded her head toward her bedroom door. “You can put those down on the bed, in there.”

He walked into her bedroom, then whistled. “Oh boy, you’ve got a big bed now. Wanna test out the springs?”


Blue Ribbon Rating: 5 out of 5

“Nancy Lindquist’s I SHAGGED THE SHERIFF is one truly fun story you’ll want to read many times over. It’s filled with laugh out loud funny scenes, scorching sex scenes, characters you’ll love and one idiotic law that needs changing. I loved the whole plot to the story and really enjoyed the way Tom and Daisy seem to go out of their way to antagonize each other. He's so uptight and she's such a free spirit that you just never know what will happen when they're together and things really heat up once the handcuffs come out. If you're looking for a fun-filled story full of heart and heat then this one is for you.”

I Shagged the Sheriff by Nancy Lindquist
ISBN: 978-1-59632-488-6
Publisher: Loose ID, LLC
Cover Artist: Croco Designs
$5.99 from Loose Id

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