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Touch Me by Susan Lyons

Awesome Foursome series: BOOK 3

awesome foursome

The third book in the Awesome Foursome series (following CHAMPAGNE RULES and HOT IN HERE), TOUCH ME is Ann Montgomery’s story.



Lawyer Ann Montgomery is stressed out and in constant pain. Greek god masseur Adonis Stefanakis can provide relief – and much more. In his skilled hands, she learns to unleash her sensual side. But it’s an attraction of opposites. Career-driven Ann will never change her priorities. Will she? Or will she and Adonis learn, together, that touch isn’t just about our bodies, it’s about our hearts?

(Warning: Excerpt contains adult language)

Ann started to raise her arms so she could touch him but he caught her hands in his, holding them down at their sides. Then he leaned down. She arched up and their lips met. Softly, closed-lipped, a tender hello. A temptation, a tease that made her want more.

“You have the sexiest mouth I’ve ever seen,” Adonis said. “Drives a man crazy, thinking about what you could do with that mouth.”

She tilted her head, sent him what she hoped was a seductive smile. “And just what do you want me to do with it?”

“Everything. But for now, how about . . .”

This time when his lips came down on hers, she parted her mouth slightly. Hoped he’dTouch Me by Susan Lyons deepen the kiss, turn up the heat. Instead he darted out his tongue to caress her bottom lip, then retreated. Came back to do her top lip. Kept going, finding a different spot each time. A lick, a nip, a gentle sucking pressure, she never knew what was coming next.

He was seducing her mouth, and he hadn’t even ventured inside it yet.

She answered back, finding surprising pleasure in just caressing, nibbling, tasting his firm lips. Then she upped the ante and flicked her tongue between them, touching the tip of his tongue with hers, then retreating.

He followed, and she lost all thought of time as they lazily explored each other’s mouths. The fronts of their bodies took up their own dance of touch—pressing, shifting, rubbing.

Wanting to tangle her fingers in that sun-streaked hair, caress his strong back, Ann tried to free her hands, but Adonis held them firmly. Gradually she realized he was right. This way, their attention focused on different kinds of touch. The interplay of lips and tongues, the constant exchange of messages between chests, thighs, groins.

Every single subtle movement became more intense, more arousing. Every cell in her body was aware. Deliciously sensitized.

She’d never felt like this before, both hungry with need yet content to keep on touching the way they were, not rushing into sex.

His mouth eased away from hers and he said, “Ann? Look at me.”

She glanced up. Found deep brown eyes regarding her, filled with heat and . . . Was that affection? Lust, she’d expected, but not this warmth and sincerity that seemed to look right inside of her, search out all her secrets.

That gaze made her wish she was the kind of woman he really wanted. Serene, balanced, in tune with nature and with herself.

Feeling inadequate, she did what she knew how to do best, and took control. She tugged her hands free and reached up to pull his head down. “I said sex now. Not three days from now.”


Hot...Steamy...Erotic! There are no other words to describe the story Ms. Lyons has given us. Watching Ann become a new person is like watching a caterpillar transform into a butterfly… True happiness is within all our grasps, Ms. Lyons shows us that all we have to do is reach out for it and we can have it. An exceptional read and the sex scenes just add quality to the story.
-- Liadan, Coffee Time Romance

Ms. Lyons has written another winner. Don’t miss the driving sexual heat, the characters’ relationship, the sweet love and the beautiful setting.
-- Julia Esparza, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Ms. Lyons has written a fabulous book about a woman’s life, her stress, and her needs…Touch Me is definitely a tale of opposites attracting and the sparks it can cause.
-- Sammi Wilde, Romance Divas

Touch Me is a story about growing up and away, learning what we want versus what we need out of life… This book will definitely make you want to slow down and smell the roses, preferably with your own Greek God!
-- Lisa Freeman, The Romance Studio

…a very funny book with some seriously hot sex.
-- Sassy Fontaine, A Sublime Delight


susan lyonsSusan Lyons writes contemporary romance that’s intense, passionate, heartwarming and fun. Her Awesome Foursome series from Kensington Aphrodisia features four twenty-something friends who laugh, cry, bond – and find their own very sexy romances. Her award-winning books have sold foreign rights to Germany, The Netherlands and Portugal. Her short fiction has been published internationally.

Susan has studied psychology, sociology, anthropology, counseling and law, and enjoyed careers that include perennial student, grad school dropout (twice), project manager, computer consultant, and legal editor. With a background like that, what else could she possibly do except pursue the best career in the world – writing romance and women’s fiction. Visit for excerpts, discussion questions, writing process notes, articles and give-aways.

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Touch Me by Susan Lyons
ISBN 978-07582-1702-8
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: August 28, 2007
Publisher: Kensington
$10.36 from

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