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Hot in Here by Susan Lyons

Awesome Foursome series: BOOK 2

awesome foursome


More Than Magic Award for Best Erotic Romance

Finalist in:
* Lories, 3rd place
* Write Touch: Readers’ Award , 3rd place (tie with Champagne Rules)
* Golden Quill


Champagne Rules introduced the Awesome Foursome – four Vancouver gal-pals who are looking for mind-blowing sex. Hot in Here continues their sexy escapades.

Journalist Jenny Yuen lands a very steamy assignment: cover a firefighter calendar competition. Her personal favorite? Mr. February. Also known as Scott Jackman. Also known as hot, hotter, hottest!

Read all about it: the sexy rookie is the man of Jenny’s wildest fantasies. And they’re going to play by her rules: the Fantasy Rules. No taboos, no holding back. No commitment. The question is, will Jenny be able to stick to her own rules?

(Warning: Excerpt contains adult language)

Jenny could barely catch her breath as she scrambled to keep up with Scott. The backpack she’d slung over one arm banged against her hip with every step. Tough on her hip, not to mention the camera inside the bag.

But who cared? She’d done it. She’d seduced the hottest firefighter in Vancouver!

He yanked her through a heavy exit door and they were outside, on a landing above a short flight of concrete steps leading down into a back alley. Not the most romantic setting. Where was he taking her?

Two steps down, Scott stopped, made one of those mangled, tortured sounds only a guy hot in here by susan lyonscan emit, said, “Fuck,” and whipped around to face her.

The expression on his face told her that setting—and romance—were the last thing on his mind. Sex. He wanted down and dirty sex, this very minute.

She set down her bag, and had just started to worry about their more-than-a-foot height difference when he solved the problem. He gripped her waist and hoisted her up. Automatically her hands circled his neck and locked. Her skirt was up around her hips, her legs hooked themselves around him, and his hands cupped her thonged butt, holding her securely.

Not only strong, but super-efficient.

She gazed up at him, a little stunned, and his lips came down on hers. Jesus!

His tongue was in her mouth. How had that happened? How could it feel so good?

Tongue, dick… Her body responded to the first as if it were the second, each stroke of his tongue making her needy pussy clench.

Hungrily she sucked that sexy tongue, danced with it until it retreated, then she followed it back into his mouth, pursuing, taking back the lead. She drove her hands through his hair, held his head, tilted it just where she wanted it, and deepened the kiss. Deeper and deeper, kiss after kiss.

Until she had to break away, gasping for breath.

She stared at Scott and he stared back. He was gasping too, his naked chest heaving under the open vest. She wanted to lick that chest, all over.

After she got her breath.

He was leaning against the metal railing that ran along the staircase, and didn’t even seem to feel her hundred pounds. The heavy denim of her skirt bunched between them, keeping their lower bodies apart. She wished she could strip it off, but settled for lifting it even higher so—

Oh yeah, he got it. He adjusted his hold so he could press against her, matching his erection to the wet crotch of her panties.

She pressed back, hooking her feet into the railing behind him and using it to give herself leverage. Rubbing against him like a cat in heat. Which she pretty much was.

Had any cat ever felt this desperate for a dick?

She threw her head back, saw the dimly-starred canopy of a hot August night, closed her eyes, let her whole being focus on the need between her thighs. She wanted him inside her but she was so aroused that even this stimulation, through their clothing, might be enough. He was hard and thick under those tux pants. And the fabric was thin, it even created a delicious friction. The tension in her body mounted with each up-and-down rub.

He was helping her, supporting her butt and lifting her, catching her own rhythm and improving on it.

“Oh yeah, Scott,” she panted, “just like that.”

“Take me,” he gasped. “Take what you need.”

“I . . .” She’d run out of words, her orgasm was building. All she needed was—

“But take it quick!”

And he gave her exactly what she needed, pulling her against him as he thrust hard at just the right angle, unerringly finding her swollen clit. Then she was soaring, tumbling, crashing, flying, and—oh my God—shrieking out her pleasure in an alley in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

She buried her face in his shoulder, embarrassed, thrilled, worried her cries would bring someone running.

“Jenny, I have to—” Abruptly he thrust her away, just when she was enjoying the after-explosion glow, the feel of his taut skin over muscle, the musk of sweaty male.


“Ms. Lyons follows up Champagne Rules with another exceptionally sizzling story. Exquisitely written, Hot in Here is a fantastic tale of a woman pulled between her family and her heart. This story goes from a spark to an inferno in a matter of pages, and all the while your fingers are being singed, you are being entertained with clever dialogue, tender moments, and some very spicy love scenes.”
-- Wateena, Coffee Time Romance (Read the full review)

“From the slow and sensual to the hot and hard – even touching on the wild and weird –Lyons turns common fantasies into excellent and satisfying reading. Her book is wildly passionate and graphic.”
-- Jennifer Madsen, Romantic Times Book Reviews (Read the full review)

“Hot In Here by Susan Lyons is the second part of her series featuring four friends who share their exploits as well as have a good time every Monday night, that started with Champagne Rules. Ms Lyons does a great job showing the conflict that Jenny has between her upbringing and her own personal views. Hot In Here is a fun, sexy, erotic read that will have you needing a cold shower.”
-– Barb Hicks, The Best Reviews (Read the full review)

“Following the precedent set by Champagne Rules, Hot in Here is full of hotly erotic scenes and beautifully emotional bonding. The awesome foursome is back again to give support and encouragement to each other as they journey towards friendship and love with the men they thought were good for nothing but sex. Susan Lyons just gets better so I know I'm not the only one who will be eager to read more of this fabulous authors work. I will definitely be looking forward to Anne and Rina's stories as well as their fabulously erotic men.”
-- Megan, Megans Romance Reviews (Read the full review)


susan lyonsSusan Lyons writes contemporary romance that’s intense, passionate, heartwarming and fun. Her Awesome Foursome series from Kensington Aphrodisia features four twenty-something friends who laugh, cry, bond – and find their own very sexy romances. Her award-winning books have sold foreign rights to Germany, The Netherlands and Portugal. Her short fiction has been published internationally.

Susan has studied psychology, sociology, anthropology, counseling and law, and enjoyed careers that include perennial student, grad school dropout (twice), project manager, computer consultant, and legal editor. With a background like that, what else could she possibly do except pursue the best career in the world – writing romance and women’s fiction. Visit for excerpts, discussion questions, writing process notes, articles and give-aways.

You can visit with Susan at


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Hot in Here by Susan Lyons
ISBN-13: 978-0758214072
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: August 1, 2006
Publisher: Kensington
$11.01 from (paperback)
$8.50 from (ebook)

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