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The Polyamorous Princess by Melodee Aaron


Melodee Aaron was born and raised in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri where she spent many long hours on the front porch of her great-grandmother's house as the old woman practiced the ancient art of storytelling. Her life having spanned the time from before cars and airplanes all the way through seeing men walking on the moon, "Grammy" had a unique perspective. Her stories blended old-time values with modern life in a way that made the stories and the characters come to life.

Melodee knew, even as a child, that she too wanted to tell stories.

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A passionate, spoiled princess. A brilliant intelligence officer. A tough marine.

Princess Allison, the coddled daughter of the Emperor of Mankind, is irreparably disturbed by the vicious war with the cat-like Arupians. Her social life is in shambles. Her friends are all on duty. Allie spends her days teaching old American history at the University or else hiding out in the royal Safe Room.

Then two fascinating men enter her life.

Second Lieutenant Damon Hyde is a swaggering and respected marine. Most people think he's fearless—except for Allie, who falls for his vulnerability.

Lieutenant JG Harrison Douglas is brilliant. Most people think he's also crazy—except for Allie, who is drawn to his eccentricity.

Brought together by fate, Allie falls in love, torn between the two men who love her and fight to win her. As new and disparate emotions blossom, Allie, Damon, and Harry are pulled into a passionate, polyamorous relationship. The three are forced to come to terms with their love for one another as they rely on their wits and skills, not only for their own survival, but also for all mankind on His Majesty's Star Ship Boone.

(Warning: The excerpt below contains explicit adult language and sexual content.)

Allie didn't hear Harry move, but she found herself sandwiched between him and Damon. Harry whispered in her ear. "Is this OK?"

"Yeah, but a little unexpected."

Damon touched his lips briefly to hers, and Allie jerked from the quivers it sent through her. "Sorry."

She smiled softly. "Don't be. You always have that effect on me."

"What about me?" When she turned her head to look at him, Harry kissed her. Her mind melted into a fog of desire.

"Oh, yeah." As the three danced together, Allie turned to face first one, and then The Polyamorous Princess by Melodee Aaronthe other. As she moved face to face with one of them, she would kiss him while the other man nuzzled her head and neck from behind.

The things Harry said made more sense with each passing minute. Allie knew it could just be her rising passions, but her mind understood the logic of it all. Without the solution the men laid out, at least one of them would be hurt, the way she hurt Harry not so long ago.

Allie's pulse raced. She had never been with two other people at the same time, and intense excitement built in her. The four firm hands running over her body, caressing her through her clothes, stirred her passions to levels she never knew existed.

Before leaving for the Café, Harry trimmed his beard. He always used some old aftershave with a spicy aroma, and she could taste it on her lips as she kissed and licked his face. Allie often teased Harry about the old brand, but it tasted so delicious, she wanted him to bathe in the stuff now.

She turned to face Damon, and his lips pressed to hers, his tongue moving deeply in her mouth, tickling her cheeks and gums. He had gotten a shave and a haircut. His hair was back to his normal crew cut. She ran her hands over his head, the stubble of his blonde hair feeling rough and soft at the same time. The barber used one of the more modern colognes on Damon. The taste wasn't as intense as Harry's, but the aroma held traces of pheromones that spoke directly to Allie's pleasure centers with promises of passion.

As Harry rubbed against her back, his cock pressed firmly against her ass. His hands slipped around her hips, and he unzipped her pants. He worked them, and soon the pants and her panties rested in a heap around her ankles.

As Harry manipulated Allie's pants, Damon's hands slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Harry slipped it back from her shoulders, tossing it to the armchair. She stood naked, sandwiched between the men she knew she loved.

Damon moved to lift her, but Harry put his hand on Damon's arm. "Let me. You're still weak." Harry lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. He sat her softly on the bed.

Allie heard only the drumming of her heart in her ears. Sweat poured from her skin, and goose bumps raced across her flesh. She tried to slow her breathing, in through her nose and out through her mouth, as the men undressed by the bedside. They stood side by side, their shoulders almost touching.

Different men with different professions, Harry and Damon's bodies appeared equally different. Even having lost a fifth of his mass, Damon's shoulders were broad and strong. Hard and resilient, the muscles of his abdomen would make a good anvil. His chest rippled, pectorals flexing delightfully, as he removed his shirt.

Harry had few of the big, bulging muscles, but the strength still showed. When he stretched, Allie saw the lean sinews turn to steel bands as they flexed.

She had seen both men nude before, but this was very different. The two together made her stare. As they stood beside the bed, Allie saw that, while different, they both were delicious, and her mouth watered. As a pair, the sight nearly overwhelmed her. The familiar electric jolts went through her when with one of them became stronger than the pulses of energy Boone could throw at its targets. The energy hit her repeatedly, pushing her passions and senses ever higher.

They crawled onto the bed with her, Harry to her right and Damon to her left. The hot masculine flesh pressing against her body made her shiver with anticipation. Damon's smooth face moved to rub against her shoulder and neck, the touch driving her wild. Harry's soft beard tickled her cheek, then slipped down to stroke her neck, causing her to squirm in response.

Allie wanted to speak. Something in her mind told her she should say something to them. Speak, perhaps, of lust, desire, passion, and love. Her breath came too short to allow her to do more than softly moan. Her heart told her that she needed to say nothing to the men. They knew she loved and wanted them.

Her senses in high gear, Allie could smell the two men, far beyond the simple artificial fragrances they wore. Each man's unique and enchanting scent caused her head to reel. She could sense Harry's calm confidence, somehow, in the salty smell of his perspiration. Damon's musky aroma spoke to her of devotion and honor. Revved up by her senses and passions, Allie's mind couldn't put the pieces together, but it didn't matter.

The men kissed her. First one, and then the other pressed his lips to hers.

When Harry kissed her, his beard tickled her lips and face a little. His soft hair fell against her cheek, and it moved softly as his mouth ranged over her face. The delightful taste of his spicy cologne made her mouth water nearly as much the sweet flavor if his saliva as his tongue darted about in her move with urgent force.

As Damon replaced Harry's lips with his, she sensed the light pheromones he wore beating against the pleasure centers of her brain. The hint of pheromones only accentuated his scent. Even after his ordeal, the musky aroma of the big man flamed in her nose, driving her passions higher.

Harry's lips again met hers, and he moaned softly as she sucked his tongue. His lips smacked quietly as he kissed her.

When Harry pulled away, she lunged after him, but Damon's lips intercepted hers. His tongue moved slowly in her mouth, probing and touching her in every possible place. His saliva ran freely into her mouth, and the sweet passions of want followed his flavor.

Two strong hands moved over her breasts, gently squeezing and caressing them. The fingers would softly roll and pinch her nipples, causing her to moan and writhe. Harry's lips slipped around her hard right nipple, sucking gently as Damon's mouth moved to her left where he tenderly nibbled at the stiffness their touch created.

The hands moved across her stomach slowly to stroke her thighs. Allie parted her legs, and the hands moved again to rub teasingly over her mons, the fingers tugging gently at the small patch of blonde hair there. Her mind running wild, Allie wasn't sure whose hand moved first, but fingers slipped into her pussy, probing her gently, as the two sets of lips continued to tease her nipples.

Her hands moved over the heads of her lovers. The right hand slipped through long black hair, the strands wrapping around her fingers, and then sliding free again. The left hand ran over short blonde hair, the stubble flicking tantalizingly between her fingers.

She gasped when the lips pulled from her breasts, and the men kissed down her stomach and sides. Each man moved to straddle her legs, Harry still on the right, and they spread her legs wider. They kissed her thighs, licking slowly to where their fingers still plunged into her. Damon licked her clit, a flickering pass of his wet tongue, and Allie jumped with the shocking wave of pleasure. Harry repeated the move, and she jerked again.

The men took turns licking her clit, and then removed their probing fingers from her cunt. Their tongues darted deep into her soaked pussy, and Allie's orgasm closed on her. Her back arched on the bed, and she shook uncontrollably.

Harry and Damon moved slightly, and both of them licked her at the same time. Suddenly, a billion suns seemed to explode in her head, the blinding flash causing her to scream with the passion of her climax. Her body thrashed as they continued to tongue her pussy. Allie pulled their heads tighter to her, her fingers twisted in Harry's long hair and grappling for a grip in Damon's short hair.

She collapsed back onto the bed, her chest pounding as sweat poured from her body. She twitched and jerked as her men crawled back up the bed to lie next to her, cuddling her close on both sides. Allie again wanted to speak, but her panting allowed her only to smile at them.

Neither man spoke, but only held her tightly as her shaking faded to tremors, then subsided. She kissed Harry, and then turned to kiss Damon. Looking from one man to the other, Allie smiled at them. "I love you. Both of you."


Why did you become a writer? Was it a dream of yours since you were younger or did the desire to write happen later in your life?
I wrote my first story at about the age of 4 for my great-grandma. As I recall, it was maybe a dozen words and 3 sentences long. She's the one who made me want to be a storyteller. More than "just" an author, I like to tell stories. Sometime, no matter the genre I'm writing in, that makes my books a little longer than the average. Telling stories using the written word is easier today. People don't have time to sit down and listen to a story for 2 or 3 hours straight these days, so I let them spread that time out to fit their life.

What do you love about being an author? Is there anything you dislike?
I think the thing I like best is the feeling that someone out there gets a little enjoyment and entertainment out of sharing my "worlds". That's a wonderful feeling! Dislikes...there is one. Sometimes, despite my being a card-carrying attention junkie, I feel a little uncomfortable with the attention. Some readers treat me like I'm somehow "special", and I really don't see myself that way at all. I'm just me.

How do you balance your personal and writing time?
What personal time? :) I find that the muse comes on me without warning sometimes. While I've reached the point where I can actually "budget" time to write, sometimes I "have" to write, right now, right here. That can leave my schedule in shambles!

How do you write? Do your characters come to you first or the plot or the world of the story?
I fantasize a lot. I find that I come up with the basic characters, then expand them. In general, I create very complex and real people as characters, then put them in a situation. All I do then is record how they react. I believe that a good story has both an excellent plot and great characters. Without both sides of that equation, the overall story falls flat.

What genre(s) do you write? Why do you write the stories that you write?
Within the erotica romance genre, I write in many different sub-genres. Science fiction, contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, mystery, and many more. Most of my work combines several genres. I also write under a number of pen names outside of the erotica romance genre, and that is widespread as well. I've even done a couple of textbooks (college-level) in some strange fields!

Do you tend to base your characters on real people or are they totally from your imagination?
My characters are a little of both, and I think that's common. I'll often see traits in real people that stick in my head, and those traits work their way into the characters. Some even come from myself! All of that said, I can't really say that any of my characters are "based" on a real person, though. Just bits and pieces of real people are used to make the characters real.

Out of all the characters that you've written, who is your favorite and why?
That's hard to say...the characters are so real, especially to me, that it's rough to pick just one favorite. If you're going to make me pick one, I would have to pick Harry from The Polyamorous Princess. As I wrote the story, I fell in love almost instantly with Damon...he's the stereotypical romance hero; tough, hard, just a little intimidating, and all the rest. Then Harry evolved. Frankly, Harry is just a bit of a jerk. He's arrogant and a prima donna. And that makes him amazingly attractive! No wonder Allie falls for him on sight!

What would you want readers to take away from your books?
This is going to sound either altruistic or flippant, but all I really want is for the reader to have a little fun. Let's face the facts...the idea of a story, no matter the media, is to entertain us, to let us escape into a world and situation we will likely never actually encounter in the real world. If I can do that for the readers, let them fall in love, have a little fun and passion, then I've done what I started out to do.

Do you have any advice for beginning writers in regards to writing a book?
The biggest thing is to hang in there. Despite all the stories I've written and sold in all the genres I write in, the stack of my contracts is much smaller than the stack of rejection letters. You will get rejections. Learn from them, polish you skills, revise your story, and send it off again. As Commander Taggert said, "Never give up, never surrender!"

What are you reading right now?
Do you really want to know? I write a science fiction, and I tend to write "hard-core" science fiction. That is to say, the science is real, based on accepted theories and scientific laws, and not just made-up to fit the story. In my universes, things must be possible. Right now, I'm reading a paper (yet to be published) by Ed Witten on the unification of M-Theory, relativity, and quantum mechanics as applied to the so-called Grand Unification Theory. Aren't you glad you asked? :)

If you could be anyone or anything that you wanted, who or what would you be?
A lot of answers jump to mind almost instantly, and most sound as crazy as they are. Actually, right now, I wouldn't want to be anyone other than me. Life is great now, in spite of it not always being that way. I'm having the time of my life, and I'm enjoying things. I have great friends. I have people who love me and who I love around me. I have very few problems. And none of the problems lack solutions. I'm not sure what more I could ask for in life.


5 Angels: "The Polyamorous Princess is an intriguing book, and one that kept me interested. Although it is primarily an erotic novel, the reader will also discover a good grounding in science fiction allowing the action to take place in a believable spaceship in the middle of an epic war. This isn’t a book that can be dipped into. The action slowly builds up but in doing so, allows the reader to completely understand all characters involved and to appreciate all the emotions that they go through.

Melodee Aaron has managed to produce a book that is very educational as well as highly entertaining. The romance scenes whether f/m, m/m or m/m/f have all been delicately and tastefully done although because of the nature of the book some readers may find the scenes uncomfortable. I thought this book was excellent and I would recommend to anyone who is looking for an erotic book with a difference or for anyone who is looking for an erotic science fiction novel. I will definitely be looking out for more of Ms. Aaron’s work." —Heidi, Fallen Angel Reviews

4.5 Blue Ribbons: "The Polyamorous Princess takes a different look at the ménage relationship. I especially enjoyed the realistic portrayal of the men in the story trying to come to grips with Allie’s feelings for the other as well as the preening and posturing that goes along with trying to make the other man go away. Once they accept that they could be a family, the rest was gravy. Each character was remarkably diverse and I liked how Ms. Aaron portrayed their differences. For a completely unique take on a ménage, or rather, polyamorous relationship, The Polyamorous Princess won’t disappoint." —Natasha Smith, Romance Junkies

The Polyamorous Princess by Melodee Aaron
ISBN: 1-933563-68-0
Genre: Science Fiction
Theme: Ménage à Trois, F/M/M, M/M
Sensuality Rating: Scorching
Length: Super Plus Novel (100,000+ words)
$6.99 from Siren Publishing

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