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"In This Land" by Matthew Haldeman-Time


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Let Matthew Haldeman-Time transport you to another world. Take a trip filled with romance, magic, and wonder. Enjoy exquisite art, flawless beauty, and passionate sex. Explore a grand palace, vibrant festivals, and sultry harems. Experience the height of luxury, unimaginable wealth, and absolute power. Come to Orina Anoris and peek into the lives of eight fascinating, intelligent, unique, sexy, confident, talented men that can only be found: In This Land.

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The land of Orina Anoris is ruled by the Seven Siblings. Four years ago, a new pharaoh took the throne, and each year, as his brothers come of age, they, too, take office. Once finished with their apprenticeships, the last two twins will complete the 182nd reign of their dynasty. Their office, their role, their aptitude, even their hair color is predetermined by birth order. These princes are more than just figureheads; together, they run the most powerful nation in the world.

This reign has eight different brothers, with different likes and interests, different lives, and very different opinions, bound together by duty to their country, respect for tradition, family loyalty, and above all, love for one another. (In the rule of the Seven Siblings you would expect, well, seven siblings. Since this generation has eight brothers, the last one is affectionately nicknamed “Extra.”)


(Prince Bade has come to court Kudorin, a pharaoh.)

Bade felt so comfortable with Kudorin, so at ease, that he forgot himself and unbuttoned his cuffs, rolling his sleeves up. A few minutes passed, and then Kudorin’s hand drifted closer, closer, until the skin up his forearm prickled and he grew unusually, deliciously warm. It felt so good that he held still and waited, curious, to see what Kudorin would do.

“It looks very soft,” Kudorin said, sliding closer, his voice quiet and intrigued. He leaned over, lowering his head, studying Bade’s forearm.

“I’m not as furry as my father is,” Bade said.

“Anorians don’t have very much body hair,” Kudorin said, casually shrugging right out of his jacket. The candlelight burned brighter as he showed Bade his arm, presumably to let Bade see better.

Kudorin was naked except for some jewelry and a rather tight pair of pants, and he wanted Bade to look at his arm? Truth be told, it was a perfect arm, beautifully proportioned, masculine but not overly muscular. And, no, he didn’t have very much body hair; none on his chest, just a dusting over his forearm. What he did have was predictably rainbow-colored.

He was so beautiful and so perfect and so close and so nearly naked that Bade felt drunk on him, felt dazed and dazzled. Kudorin was so sensual and so intoxicating and so sexy and so wonderful that Bade was very much aroused and not even ashamed of it.

“You have that,” Kudorin’s fingertips came within an inch of Bade’s arm, making his skin tingle, “all over?” He met Bade’s eyes, then, waiting for an answer, licked his lips.

He licked his lips. Bade’s respiration tripped over itself as that agile, pink tongue flicked wetly over those gorgeous, perfectly curved lips. A moment passed, while Bade realized that he was visibly hard and he didn’t even care if Kudorin noticed, and then he unbuttoned his shirt, from collar to waist, baring his chest without a second thought.

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