Saturday, April 07, 2007

Abundance Is An Attitude

Do you wish you could live the abundant life? Are there areas of your
life where you are lacking? Some of the most
common areas of “lack” that people experience are health, wealth
and happiness. What if you could have an abundance of these things?

Abundance begins in the mind. Each day begins with a set of choices. Do
we wake up in control of our day? Or do we wake
up dreading the next steps that we have to take? If we recognize that
abundance already exists, and is a natural law, then we can live more
empowered lives.

The Law of Abundance is everywhere. Once you understand this, you can
begin to use it to your advantage. Abundance is a spiritual law, and we
have the right to in abundance.

If abundance is everywhere, how come we don’t all experience the
abundance that is around us all? There is a simple answer. We get
distracted. We all get distracted in the day-to-day tasks that exist in life.
These small tasks weight us down and give us things to think about
besides abundance.

Once we lose sight of the existence of the true abundance of the
universe, we begin to be trapped by the day-to-day tasks. The result is
scarcity, illness, poverty, stress and debt. How many of those conditions
are familiar to you?

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. If you have been trapped by
the absence of abundance, there is a solution. As stated before,
abundance begins in the mind. To recreate abundance in our lives, we begin
with our thoughts.

Thoughts are the seeds that must be cultivated in order to produce what
we really want in life. Remember that energy follows thoughts. Wherever
your mind focuses on, your life energy will focus on.

Let’s look at a practical example of how energy follows thought.
There are millions of people in financial debt in today’s society. There
are many who look at their bills each month and have no way of knowing
how to take care of them or what to do to get out of this situation.

The thoughts of debt consume them. They spend all of their time
worrying about the amount of debt, and worrying about the debt increasing. The
worry takes over their thoughts, and soon they can think of nothing
else. They may be missing solutions to their problem because they are so
focused on the debt.

Adopting an attitude of abundance means making a subtle shift in the
mind. What if, instead of focusing on debt, a person focused on finding a
way out of debt? Let’s go a step further. What if they focused on
attracting a way to solve their problems? By focusing on the idea that
there is a solution out there, instead of thinking there is no hope, they
can begin to see opportunities to solve their problems.

In order to change our thoughts and increase abundance in our lives
there are three simple steps. We can change what we say to ourselves and
to others. We have to change our language and the way we communicate to
reflect our respect for the Law of Abundance. We can also change our
thoughts by changing our environment. Even if you live in the worst part
of town, you can change your inner environment.

Visualize the life that you want to live and the place you want to live
in. Finally, changing your actions has a big impact on how you think.
When you act like a successful person, the energy around you will
change. You will see abundance coming into your life, and manifesting itself
in ways you never thought possible.

Abundance exists. It’s time for you to use it to your advantage.

posted by Rachelle
at 7:14 PM