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Walk Me to Midnight by Jane St. Clair


Jane St. ClairJane St. Clair grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and worked her way through Northwestern University with a variety of odd jobs such as factory welder, beauty shop attendant, commercial sign maker, cocktail waitress and more. After earning a degree in journalism, she was a welfare caseworker in the Chicago ghettoes as a welfare worker. Later she was a production staff member of the television program, “Sesame Street” and at Channel 11/PBS-TV in Chicago. She has also been a newspaper reporter/photographer for the Louisville-Courier Journal and weekly papers in rural Indiana and Appalachian Kentucky.

Jane has published over fifty children’s short stories, and adult fiction in literary magazines and anthologies. She is the 2007 winner of the True Life Story contest, 2006 first place winner of The Writers Network contest, American Accolades, Hollywood’s Next Success, and 2005 winner in television writing for Scriptapalooza.

As a free-lance writer, Jane authored two non-fiction books and hundreds of web articles. Her series on financial literacy for children won a national award and has had over a million hits.

Walk Me to Midnight is her first novel.



Bitsy Thatcher-Cole is an American princess, the beautiful heiress to a vast fortune.

On the eve of her honeymoon, she commits suicide.

Her two best friends, psychologist Susan Rutledge and Billy Carolina, a flamboyant crime writer, suspect something more sinister.

Their trail takes them into the strange worlds of New Age culture in mystical Sedona, snake farming in Mexico, cowboy ranching in old Tucson, and celebrity nightlife in Manhattan.

What happens when the whole world thinks you’re wrong?

What happens when you’re running for your life -- from the doctor who’s saving humanity?

How fast can you run when time is running out?

Walk Me to Midnight is guaranteed to keep you reading until you find everything out and reach its horrifying conclusion.


"Assisted suicide? No, it was murder of course," Billy Carolina declared as he lit a brown cigarette held in a diamond and gold filter. "It was absolutely a murder and the police covered for little Pepper Pruitt and Doctor Dracula. I hate both of them.”

Susan looked at him in disbelief as he continued.

"Don't you think I'd know a suicide from a murder? I've been through at least twenty suicides in the past year. Besides Bitsy would've called you and me."

"I think she was trying to call me," Susan said.

He patted Susan's hand and gave her a monogrammed linen handkerchief for her tears.

"You still have emotions," he observed. "I like that in a person."

"It's just that I loved Bitsy, and I thought if she were suicidal, she would have confided in me, and now I feel ..."

"...slighted from the grave."

"Exactly," Susan agreed.

"Well, she didn't slight you, she thought the world of you, and she wouldn't have checked out without leaving us a forwarding address."

"I was afraid I was being a narcissist thinking that."

"They did her in and we both know it."

"What about her will?" Susan asked.


"The medical records?"


"The video?"


"The mask she put on her face?"

"Forced on her."

"The police report?"


"How do we prove it? It's the perfect crime."

"There's no such thing," Billy asserted. "But they'll get us first, that's the only thing."

Walk Me to Midnight by Jane St. Clair
ISBN-10: 1602900485
Publisher: Capstone Fiction
Release Date: November 26, 2007
Genre: Medical Thriller
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