Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Unopened Gift

Many people have misplaced and will forget to open their most priceless gift this holiday season.

Shopping. Parties, Yes, it’s that season.

Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa. Millions of people around the world will celebrate these occasions.

They’ve spent hours in the mall buying gifts for others.

They’ll spent time opening up the gifts they receive.

Yes, you might receive great clothes, the latest technology, video games, stuff for the house and more.

You’ll open the gifts. Some you’ll put away, some you’ll use often.

Though none of them will bring you close to the joy the ‘forgotten gift’ will give you.

The ‘forgotten gift’ isn’t wrapped so many of us forget to see it.

This gift we didn’t ‘pay for’, so many people don’t put the right value on it.

Many people have tried to rip this gift away from us over the years, so many people are scared to even open it today.

They’re scared of their most priceless gift.

They don’t believe their even worthy of opening it.

Millions are. What an injustice. What an injustice.

The greatest gift we can open this year is OURSELVES.


This is the greatest gift we can give our family, our friends, and ourselves.

It’s the greatest gift.

This gift doesn’t last 1 day, it’s last a whole year. What a powerful gift.

Which of these gifts that YOU have right now will you open this holiday season?

The gift called strength.

The gift called courage.

The gift called service.

The gift called fearlessness.

The gift called value.

The gift called self love.

The gift called service.

The gift called listening.

The gift called vision.

The gift called purpose.

The gift called belief.

The gift called education.

The gift called friendship.

The gift called desire.

The gift called forgiveness.

The gift called faith.

The gift called peace of mind.

The gift called smiling.

The gift called profit.

The gift called you.

These gifts grow each year. They multiply each year. The more we unwrap them, the greater the present.

Remember, we’re transformed and grow one step at a time. Our gift grows daily, monthly, yearly.

Yes, during this holiday season you’ll give many gifts you purchased to others.

Yet, the greatest gift you could give to many of these people is the GREATEST YOU.

And when they see the best you, something will trigger in them to start unwrapping their own personal gifts.

BE the gift you want to receive daily.

Don’t let fear stop you from sharing your gifts.

Choose fearlessness. Choose faith. Choose the best you.

Your, yes YOUR, best days are ahead of you. They are smiling wide because they can’t wait to SEE you too.

Open your greatest gift today. Your talents, abilities, and strengths.

Yes, others have tried to distract you and distance yourself from them.

Not anymore. Today your greatest gift begs to be opened.

Have a great holiday season!

posted by En-z
at 8:14 PM