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Gothik Pyrates Vol 1: Voyages into Darkness

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I am a native of Atlantic Canada, and I’ve been writing for what seems a lifetime. As my readers know, I also refuse to be confined to a single genre, preferring to explore in many. While my special favorites are always historical, I’m developing a fondness for contemporary tales, as well. Fantasy is also an element of just about every story, whether it’s the fantasy of romance itself, or an exciting new world to learn about and understand. So, it’s my hope that every reader will find something to enjoy in my books, and will want to stay with me through the journey and see just how far we can stretch our creative dreams.

To stay current with all my projects, (and they are many!), or to just say hello, please feel free to visit my website: Or, sign up for the monthly newsletter Romance and Fantasy. If you prefer to chat with me, and other readers, the newsgroup is open to everyone. Denysé Bridger News. I can also be found in MySpace at:


Why did you become a writer? Was it a dream of yours since you were younger or did the desire to write happen later in your life?
My honest feeling is that writing isn’t really a profession you choose. You’re almost driven to it if it’s something that is part of you. The stories begin nagging you at a very early age and for natural writers, everything you experience, see, touch, it’s all part of life and triggers the imagination to take flight. I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t writing in one way or another, be it poetry, or short stories, or fan fictions based on my favorite shows. ALL of it opened up new worlds and I would often spend hours wrapped up in my own internal “theatre”, watching my stories… I started writing them down about 20 years ago. I would often toy with the idea of going “pro” with my stuff, but it wasn’t until 2004 that I took the plunge and entered a contest that won me my first professional contract. I haven’t stopped since.

What do you love about being an author? Is there anything you dislike?
There are lots of things that make being an author a lot of fun. You get to explore worlds in ways that you might not experience otherwise. You research, you shape and mould the people you want to know and talk to in your new world, and then you listen to them while they tell their tale. I love all aspects of this work, the research, the creative process, editing, all of it. The only thing I dislike to any real extent is the PR work. I don’t feel terribly comfortable trying to convince people they should buy my books! I’m not a really out-going person, so it’s hard to get myself out there, even if I’m talking about the books, not me.

How do you balance your personal and writing time?
It’s a constant battle, but you learn over time to make an hour here or a few minutes there count for writing time. I’ve gotten to the wonderful place in my life where I can sit down anywhere and write, as long as I have a pen and a notebook, there’s nothing to stop me from working. I used to have to be in the mood, or have a set few hours, or whatever else it was, but writers write, and usually you can do it anywhere.

How do you write? Do your characters come to you first or the plot or the world of the story?
Both. Sometimes a voice or a face will inspire a character, and when that character has a name and a face, his/her story begins to emerge quickly. Other times a scene will present itself, and the story builds from there. The novel I’m working on at the moment was inspired by a singer whose music has just become part of me. So, I’m creating my first serious submission to Harlequin, based solely on my love for Patrizio Buanne, an Italian singer with the voice of an angel, and a face and personality that screams romance hero.

What genre(s) do you write? Why do you write the stories that you write?
I write in many genres, but all have romance in them, if not as the core of the book, the subplot relies on it as a catalyst to move the plot and evolve the characters. I write the stories that I find entertaining, and hopefully readers enjoy them, too.

Genres: Fantasy, vampire, contemporary, historical (my fav), action adventure, thriller. The only thing I’ve never written is science fiction. I’ve even done a bit of mystery/romance with a set of books set in Victorian London that are tied to the Ripper murders.

Do you tend to base your characters on real people or are they totally from your imagination?
Again, both. As I said earlier, Patrizio Buanne is the soul of the new book I’m working on, and I’ve been lucky in that he approves of the concept whole-heartedly. Mostly, it’s imagination, though. Someone I see may have a smile or a voice that triggers the creative curiosity and I find a new “person” evolving out of that and then the story begins to flow. It’s never the same way twice!

Out of all the characters that you've written, who is your favorite and why?
I have two favorites at the moment, one is my WIP creation, Patrizio Bartolinni, who is pure romance. The other is Inspector Michael Devane, the Victorian detective from my mystery romances with Liquid Silver Books. I’d have to say though that both are favorites for very different reasons. Michael is a tortured and scarred soul, a man who has seen horrors that have never left him while working on the Ripper case. His chance at love saves his life, and the message is pure and uplifting. Patrizio Bartolinni is a larger than life kind of man, he’s old world charm, the essence of elegance and sophistication, a man who has the world at his feet, but no one who knows the person behind the outward image. When he meets the love of his life, the colliding of two worlds makes for a wonderfully intense and passionate story.

What would you want readers to take away from your books?
If they put the book down, smile, and feel happy, that’s the best reward there is. The book’s done what it was meant to do, entertain and uplift.

Do you have any advice for beginning writers in regards to writing a book?
Commit yourself to it, know the story you want to tell. Outlines are essential when you’re beginning, otherwise your story will take you all over the place and you may end up wandering aimlessly trying to find the end of the story! Write the best book you can, and don’t be offended by criticism or rejection. Do NOT think at any point that your book is perfect, there’s no such thing as a perfect book, and people who believe they’ve written a manuscript that requires no changes are very likely to be disappointed and disillusioned very quickly. Mostly, if you believe in your story, be willing to make it better if someone offers you positive comments and/or advice about it. Perseverance is the key to this career, too. It will never happen fast, and you have to want it badly to wait out the answers and contracts.

What are you reading right now?
At the moment I’m reading a lot of Harlequin Presents novels. Because I love them, and because this is the line I want to submit my current project to. Italian Husbands is my favorite series from this line and I’m trying to get them all!

If you could be anyone or anything that you wanted, who or what would you be?
The best writer I can be, and the best friend and person I can be. In the end, the measure of any person’s wealth is the love they’ve given and been given. The richest people in the world are often those with not a dime in their pockets, but friends everywhere who respect and love them and are grateful for the experience of having known them. I’d like it if that’s the way people felt about me when I’m gone, it will mean my life’s been worthwhile.



Featuring the short erotic romance Alchemy...

Dreams stir the imagination, and in the case of one particular vampire, a window to another world, and another life spent with the lover she adores. As he sleeps, she unknowingly slumbers herself, and meets a dashing pirate who has swept her into his passionate embrace before. A man haunted by demons, and destined to be everything she has ever desired?in any life they share?


"My father won't want me back," Yvette whispered in a voice husky with tears. "If he Gothik Pyrates Vol 1: Voyages into Darkness does, it will be to sell me to the highest bidder. If I am ruined by your hands, I will be left alone. I would prefer that to being owned by one of his ilk."

"You would sell yourself to me instead?" Valentine couldn't begin to decipher why he felt anger, and it further disconcerted him when she shook her head and gathered his hands in hers.

"I would give myself to you, Valentine."


"Because you make me want you as I've never wanted any man. Your touch is like nothing I've ever known."

"You're a fool, girl!"

"Do you not want me?"

"Do not toy with me, Yvette."

His bewilderment turned to surprise when she rose and slowly removed her clothing. When she stood before him, naked in the glow of the firelight, he thought he'd go quietly mad if he didn't possess her"


"4 Hearts!...Denyse M. Bridger has penned an unusual and descriptive tale of two different kinds of love interests. Ms. Bridger writes with a wonderful flair that will grab you the moment you start this story. If you are looking for an unusual and different type of paranormal, then you will want to purchase your copy today of Alchemy by Denyse M. Bridger!"
Janalee, Love Romances

"3 Angels!...Denyse M. Bridger has created a short story that instantly takes readers from one world to another. The witty word play between the pirate, LeRoux, and his maiden, Yvette, is written in a way to offer readers a smile and draw them into the story. The instant chemistry between LeRoux and Yvette adds more confusion and emotions to each character's inner struggles with the situation. LeRoux's realization that sometimes revenge is not as sweet as one first thinks is rewarding and enduring: a true romance. I enjoyed watching the story play out between LeRoux and Yvette as well as the small glimpse of Yvonna and her vampire...A touching little fantasy romance!"
Jessica, Fallen Angel Reviews

Gothik Pyrates Vol 1: Voyages into Darkness
featuring ALCHEMY by Denyse Bridger
ISBN: 978-1-4243-4500-7
Genre: Vampire/pirate fantasy
Cover Art: Barbara Fister-Liltz
$15.00 from Alchemy Ink

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