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Bjorn's Mate by Mary Winter

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Mary Winter

Mary commutes between her dream home near the Mark Twain national forest and her current residence in Iowa. She shares her home with a menagerie of animals including a cat who was a dog in a past life and a bossy parrot. A pagan for nearly fifteen years, she loves writing paranormal stories where she can weave her love of the metaphysical with a happy ending.

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Why did you become a writer? Was it a dream of yours since you were younger or did the desire to write happen later in your life?
I started writing when I was 14. I discovered romance novels, and I knew I wanted to be someone who created these wonderful stories for people to take them away from their ordinary world.

What do you love about being an author? Is there anything you dislike?
I love being able to give voices to the story ideas in my head. And I love that the things I think are cool (my polar bear shapeshifters for example) are also things that other like too. I don’t dislike much, mostly the paperwork, I think.

How do you balance your personal and writing time?
Not very well, LOL!!!! Since I work from home, I tend to do day job and writing stuff in the same 8 hour shift, and I’m pretty driven too. Luckily I have few distractions and my partner understands.

How do you write? Do your characters come to you first or the plot or the world of the story?
The characters or the scenario usually comes first. I see someone, and I’m like “okay, what would he (or she) do? Why would they be doing that?) I do character sheets and I find that the story often grows from there.

What genre(s) do you write? Why do you write the stories that you write?
I write most romance genres. I love paranormal, mostly because I can blend my own love of the metaphysical with the “real world” and make it interesting.

What is the biggest misconception about being an author?
Um, that we’re all rich, live in mansions, and have pool boys feed us bonbons? LOL!!!! Probably that’s it. Even my coworkers have told me that they never thought the people whose books make it into the bookstores have day jobs. Getting to know an author really has been interesting for them. Most of us have families, kids, and day jobs, and we need to juggle all three (luckily my kids are furry and feathered, which makes it easier).

Do you tend to base your characters on real people or are they totally from your imagination?
They’re totally from my imagination.

Out of all the characters that you've written, who is your favorite and why?
I think Bjorn was my favorite, mostly because he was so different from everything else I’ve written. It was fun.

If you were writing a script for the big screen, who would you want to act in your movie?
For my upcoming book Treaty of Seduction, I always imagined Jamie Bamber as the hero. I’m also a huge fan of Viggo Mortensen and Orlando Bloom.

What would you want readers to take away from your books?
That love is possible and everyone has the power to change.

Do you have any advice for beginning writers in regards to writing a book?
Keep trying. It’s a difficult business, but a worthwhile one.

Who are your favorite authors?
I’ve been reading mostly nonfiction lately, but I always enjoy books by Kate Douglas and Jaqueline Carey.

What are you reading right now?
The Magick of Reiki by Christopher Penczak.



Bjorn Lunde leads a team of highly specialized troops. His commanding offer sends him Sigrid Myhre, a scientist whose knowledge of pollution can help stop mysterious attacks. Once she arrives, Bjorn discovers a woman he’s proud to have on his team. His bear finds his mate. The man must control the bear and keep Sigrid from discovering what makes his team perfect for an Arctic mission.

Eager for a chance to prove herself, Sigrid soon uncovers dangers she never imagined and men unlike any she’d ever known. Bjorn is more than her commander, he’s a man as rugged as the frozen land she loves. And it’d be too easy for her to fall in love.

Bjorn needs a scientist. Sigrid hungers for a chance to show exactly what she can do. What she finds is a team of men with inner beasts and she’s woman enough to tame their leader.


“Is there anything else about the mission you feel I need to know?” Night demons and strange attacks weren’t enough information. It wasn’t even credible information. “Why was your team selected to find out more? I know why I’m here. But…why are you?”

“Because we’re the best team for the job.” Bjorn rose to his feet. “I suggest you get a good night’s sleep. I want you in the lab bright and early.”

Sigrid stood. “Yes, Sir.” She closed her hand around his biceps. The rock-hard muscleBjorn's Mate by Mary Winter made her conscious of her own softness. Standing before her, Bjorn looked like a wall.

He glanced down at her hand but made no move to remove it.

“You’re not telling me everything. I want your word that you’ll answer all my questions to the best of your ability. I may only have been brought here for my scientific knowledge, but if you’ll excuse me, Sir, this ‘need to know’ shit is exactly that. I can’t do my job if I don’t have all the information. I won’t tolerate your holding back because I’m of lesser rank.” And because I’m a woman. Accusing superior officers of sexism didn’t bode well for good relations. She was already pushing it, but she wouldn’t go there. Still, she’d had quite enough of being coddled.

“I will answer your questions as much as I am allowed. If you wish to speak with Vik, we have a secure line here.”

“I may do that.” She released his arm. “Thank you, Sir. Good night, Sir.”

Bjorn nodded. He turned to leave before stopping and drawing a deep breath. “There’s one more thing before I go.” He returned to her, stopping so close his chest nearly brushed against her breasts. “There can’t be anything between us. I don’t need you distracting me.”
“Distracting? I could say the same thing, Captain. I’m not the one who initiated that kiss. I need to focus on my work.” Sigrid boldly met his gaze, a smile playing around the corners of her mouth. Tiny electrical charges zinged through her veins. She swayed toward him just a little bit, her hormones overriding her good sense.

“And I have to focus on the mission…”

His head dipped until he ended the sentence with his lips settling firmly on hers. The warm pressure sent her swaying against him, her breasts crushing against his pecs. Her nipples turned into tiny points and she inhaled his musky aroma. Her fingers curled around his biceps more to steady herself than to feel his hard muscles, but as his arm wound around her waist, she clenched her fingers. The thin material of his sweatpants did little to hide his erection.

Her pussy clenched. Deep inside something sparked to life, a fire she’d ignored for too long in favor of her studies. It felt so good, so right. Her body fit against Bjorn’s as if it were made for him. His close-cut hair chafed against her palm as she curled her fingers against the back of his neck, and when his tongue swiped against her lower lip, her toes curled.

Kissing Bjorn reminded her of sinking into a hot pool after a day spent tromping through the snow and ice. Starting with her toes and working its way upward, warmth flared to life inside her. His tongue made an exploratory dip into her mouth and she whimpered against his lips. Heat filled her pussy.

Bjorn rocked his hips against hers, the thick length of his cock telling her that he’d love to sink into her. His hands slid underneath her buttocks and pulled her up and against him.
Instinctively she wrapped her legs around his narrow hips. She stroked the length of his tongue with her own, drawing it deeper into her mouth. Her arms wrapped around his neck and when he pulled his lips from hers to trail a fiery line down her throat, she breathed, “Bjorn…”

He carried her two steps to the table. Papers slid as he settled her on the hard wooden surface. Standing between her spread thighs, he grabbed the hem of her shirt and yanked it from the waistband of her pants. His big hands splayed against her ribs, each fingertip branding itself into her flesh. Hot, so hot…like a furnace. She wanted him to fill her so she’d never be cold again.

His fingers brushed the undersides of her breasts. Nuzzling her collarbone, he laved her skin with small licks of his tongue as he moved down. Masculine groans filled her ears as she skimmed her fingers along the flesh she’d longed to touch. Each ridge of his abs tempted her, tormented her with lurid thoughts of the muscled man above her.

Bjorn closed his lips around her nipple. Through the cotton fabric of her sleepshirt, the wet suction of his mouth wrung a cry from her throat. She managed to stifle it, but not enough.

“Shhh,” he crooned.

Heat suffused her cheeks to think they had to be quiet, like a couple teenagers afraid of getting caught, and then he tongued her nipple and she couldn’t think at all. Cupping the back of his head, she held him to her breast, writhing against the table as he toyed with her nipple. The graze of his teeth, the stroke of his tongue…then he turned his attention to her other breast and the air chilled the wet spot on her shirt. He pulled the hem of her shirt up, freeing her breasts and licking her skin.

Feeling him, skin against skin, conjured all the fantasies she’d harbored since meeting him in Ny-Alesund. She pressed her ankles into the backs of his thighs, wishing he’d turn his attention south. Her hand stilled against his abs and beneath her touch, his muscles fluttered. Just a few more inches and she’d be able to cup his length, to test his size in the palm of her hand. Her cunt tightened at the thought.

“Please,” she whispered.

His lips trailed lower. Pressing open-mouthed kisses to her abdomen, he followed each rib until he met the waistband of her pants. Although it was mere elastic, he treated it as a barrier he couldn’t cross, licking and nibbling along the fabric.

With her juices flooding her panties and his lips playing along her waist, he had to smell how wet he made her. She spread her legs wider.

Bjorn dropped to one knee.

Looking down at his bent head, the way he focused his attention on her pussy, made Sigrid’s breath catch in her throat. She spread her legs wider still, wishing she could just rip off her pants.

“Touch me,” she moaned, ignoring his directive for silence.

Bjorn looked up. Eyes the darkest green she’d ever seen, lips parted, desire etched into every line of his face—he stole her breath. Kneeling between her legs, he looked every inch a man bent on pleasuring a woman. Rank, service, mission, none of it mattered. All she wanted at that moment was his lips, his fingers, hell his face, she didn’t care, buried against her clit and labia.

A throat cleared behind them.

Bjorn bolted to his feet, turning to shield her from view. “Lieutenant, this had better be good,” he snarled.


5 Angels
"Oh yummy, yummy! Mary … is a master at creating heroes that you just want to…well lick! Bjorn is most definitely one of them. He’s strong, stubborn and oh so sexy. And he’s met his match in Sigrid, a scientist out to prove herself. Their interactions are intense and mouth-watering, especially when Kjell joins them. If you like sexy, shapeshifting men, an intriguing plot and a little adventure, you’ll enjoy Bjorn’s Mate."
-- Trang at Fallen Angel Reviews

Ms. Winter is a very talented lady. BJORN'S MATE is filled with exquisite love scenes, sexual tension and secrets. This story flowed beautifully across my computer screen. You actually felt like you had made some new friends in her characters. I would love to see more of her polar bears in action. If this were in print, it would definitely be a page-turner. Thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to ending.”
-- Robin at Romance Junkies

Bjorn's Mate by Mary Winter
ISBN# electronic: 9781419911866
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary Shape Shifter
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