Tuesday, March 13, 2007

How to Lose One Pound a Week

Lose one pound a week, by trimming 500 calories from your daily diet. Try some of the following food and beverage swaps.


LOSE: bagel with cream cheese and coffee with cream and sugar.
CHOOSE: toasted English Muffin with light cream cheese and coffee with skim milk or nonfat creamer.

Save 500 calories


LOSE: 20-ounce soda, one cup orange juice, and second glass of wine
CHOOSE: unlimited H2O, naturally flavored seltzer and unsweetened tea

Save 500 calories

Daily Lunch Sandwich:

LOSE: sub roll, the mayo, high fat meats and cheese (bologna, salami, pastrami, etc.)
CHOOSE: whole wheat bread, spicy mustard, lean turkey or ham, reduced fat cheese.

Save 500 calories


LOSE: candy bar, chips and 20 oz soda
CHOOSE: baby carrots, string cheese and an apple

Save 500 calories


LOSE: Steak, fried potatoes, dinner roll, buttery vegetables
CHOOSE: Grilled chicken or fish, baked potato with tablespoon sour cream, sautéed spinach (in 1-2 teaspoons olive oil and garlic)

Save 500 calories

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