Monday, October 09, 2006

Pink for October

I'm going PINK! Nah..not really.. I just ripped the greens and blues for a lighter and cooler hue (indian red) for October. I heard that this month is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the "Pink for October" (launched by a certain Matthew Oliphant - was a way to highlight breast cancer and spread awareness on the signs and symptoms of the disease. So, why not? There'd be thousands of savvy net surfers "pinkifying" their sites, so why not picket with the activists, I mean advocates.

However, on second thoughts... my homepage's dyed to pink already ( No way! I'm no pink I dropped the idea before my fickle brain could pick on it. I settled with a lighter shade to at least show my advocacy.

And the day's toil with stylesheets and markup languages began...I had to redo my entire layout to lessen the kid/fun-design oriented theme and added a few touches (pictures galore!). After several hours of whiplashing and hair-pulling I've got a new design up, ready for the taking! Wohooo!

So, what d'yah think?

On a serious note, here are some resources:

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